Timeless (S01E03) "Atomic City"

Now things are starting to get moving a bit.
With the strange engagement, Lucy gets called back in as Flynn went back to Las Vegas in the 60’s. There Lucy knows learns that JFK was there in Vegas at that date an they head off, thinking that Flynn was going to assassinate JFK.
As they get there, they split up and looked for Flynn in a hotel casino, where Wyatt spots Flynn taking a woman to the back room. The two fought and took the lady from him. Turns out that the lady is JFK’s mistress. Of course Flynn goes back for her, he needs her for something that doesn’t require to do anything harm to her or JFK.
Flynn gets her to steal keys for a nuclear bomb that he wants. Lucy and the gang figured out where they were going and meet Flynn and his guys in the dirt road. There Rufus thought that he had the nuc but didn’t and when they came back, Flynn also is back and picks up the nuc that they buried in the the dessert.
This was a really good episode from the beginning to the end. It was a lot different than the first two, where we didn’t get to see a flashback of an event. Also it shows that Flynn can take something from the past and bring it back to the present, this time it was buried it and pick it up.
I thought that Wyatt got a really good storyline where he tries to pull a Back to the Future moment sending a telegram to his wife before she got killed, but when he came back she was still killed. Not to mention that Rufus tried to save his mentor/boss Anthony, who’s taken from Flynn, is now another to be shot on sight.
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