The Big Bang Theory (S10E05) “The Hot Tub Contamination”

Review: Last week we saw Amy and Sheldon move in together for a period of five weeks, and this week we see them both struggle with this. A simple thing like sharing a toothbrush holder is uncomfortable to Sheldon, so much so even that he wants to see other people. And because he’s not willing to compromise, Amy has a hard time sharing an apartment with him. To help out, Leonard an Penny take the couple apart and let them cool down. Leonard, who is of course the expert on living with Sheldon, gives Amy some advice and Penny takes Sheldon for ice cream.
Sheldon wants to pick up women at the ice cream parlor, but Penny finds out what is really bothering him: when he was a kid, he walked in on his father cheating on his mother (which is the reason why he knocks 3 times before entering a room) and now that he and Amy are fighting as much as his parents used to, he’s afraid that he will do something similar like his father. So all Sheldon wants to do is protect Amy from pain in the future. Penny tells him that it’s better to fix the pain he’s causing Amy right now. So they go back to the apartment and Sheldon apologizes to Amy, even approving her request of using the same toothbrush holder.
Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette are planning to go on vacation one more time before the baby comes, but Bernadette’s morning sickness changes their plans. The decide to stay home and not tell anybody about it. But both Stuart and Raj (separately) invite themselves over to enjoy their hot tub. While Howard and Bernadette are watching them, we hear that Raj is single now after both Emily and Claire have broken up with him. But besides that, this storyline doesn’t offer a lot.
I’m glad that Raj’s current relationship status has finally come up. It makes sense to me that he didn’t want to tell anybody about it. I’m happy that they didn’t make a big storyline out of this, although it is weird that we hardly got any backstory about it this way. What I also find very sad is what the character of Raj has become. Just like Stuart, he is now just the pathetic guy in the group. He doesn’t get much storylines, and when he does, it’s usually something creepy or weird, which is not what his character used to be.
The other part of the episode I really liked. Jim Parsons was great this week, especially in his scenes with Kaley Cuoco (the scenes of those two together are always really great). The relationship between Sheldon and Penny has always been good, it says a lot that he told her the story about his father, something he has never told anybody before. So again we see Sheldon develop, not only in this but also in his relationship with Amy. It feels like we will be seeing a lot more like that of Sheldon in the rest of this season and I don’t mind that at all.
Rating: 8.5/10