HTGAWM (S03E04): "Don't Tell Annalise"

Review: Previously on HTGAWM, Laurel’s dad found buzcut!Frank for her, but Laurel conveniently left out that part when meeting up with Annalise and Bonnie. Wes is still seeing Meggy while hitting up Laurel with those 2 am texts. Connor and Michaela are rooming, as are Nate and Annalise, and in flash forward-land, the fire fighters discovered a second body in Annalise’s burning house, but this time the body still has a pulse!
The Flash Forward: Annalise is in jail! According to the Flash Forward Mystery Event, of course. After the cops arrested her for murder or arson or whatever, Annalise waits for info on the charges in her jail cell. Which, unfortunately for her, Bonnie can’t provide. Instead, Bonnie tells Annalise that they found another body in the house, but that they don’t know who it is yet.  
The Case: In the present day, “four weeks earlier”, Asher is Annalise’s First Chair! Asher gets to assist Annalise on a case of a foster kid, Tristan, who’s suspected of stealing $ 40,000. The outcome of the case is soon jeopardized when incriminating evidence is brought to the judge’s attention. As it turns out, when Annalise slapped her “Callgirl Creeper” client last week – the slap heard around the world – she was caught on camera! Now, Annalise is forced to deal with the consequences, faced with the possibility of losing her license. For the case, this means Bonnie has to pretend to be working for the university, as the case is part of Annalise’s legal clinic.
Asher and Bonnie continue to work on the case in an effort to protect their young client. When they trace the money Tristan stole, they find out that nearly all of it was spent on items for his pregnant girlfriend and their baby! Which sounds oddly sweet, until they figure out that the baby’s mom is actually the kid’s school teacher. Asher and Bonnie are conflicted by the situation, not wanting to betray Tristan, who’s a minor, but also wanting to do the right thing. Eventually, Bonnie exposes the teacher in court, ensuring that the charges against their client are dropped, but that the teacher will face criminal charges. Tristan is none too happy about it, worried about the baby, but Asher assures Bonnie that he’s proud of her and that Tristan needed to see his teacher for who she really is.
Annalise/Eve/Nate: Annalise and Eve are hanging out again, getting too close for comfort (for Nate!), as Eve is in town for a conference. When Annalise finds out the slap was caught on camera, both Eve and Nate are supportive. While Eve and Annalise strategize about best to handle the Bar Association’s disciplinary board, dutiful Nate does some investigating with DA Atwood from last week, who appears to be very very interested in Nate’s hunky self.
Strategizing turns into musings of Annalise leaving everything behind to become Eve’s trophy wife, which then turns into talk of the pesky problem called Frank. Annalise confides in Eve that she spent all the insurance money she got after Sam died on a hitman to find/kill Frank, because Frank indirectly killed her son.
Eventually, Oliver finds out that Barry Lewiston, a board member of the university, is the one who leaked the tape of Annalise slapping her client. Annalise immediately confronts president Hargrove with this new information and the president – who, up to this point, has seemingly been on her side – scolds Annalise for her unprofessional behavior. Annalise counters that other professors aren’t dealing with a smear campaign. And with that, the president has had enough of Annalise and basically yells are her to shut the **** up. If only this were HBO, right?
Later, when Nate returns home, he finds Annalise sitting at the dining room table, presumably drunk. Nate wants to know if Annalise is sleeping with Eve. He accuses her of being an alcoholic and for some reason, Annalise agrees with him! And then they break up? There’s a lot of shouting and accusations and she calls Nate a little bitch and Nate calls her a cancer and tells her she’ll die alone. Sweet.
Annalise seemingly takes Nate’s words to heart and makes a statement in front of the board, in which she admits to being an alcoholic? Which is totally a lie, right? Meanwhile, Nate and DA Atwood are rolling around naked in her bed. Interesting… But Annalise agrees to a treatment program, if it means getting her license reinstated.
Laurel/Wes: Wes is worried and/or suspicious of Laurel, who has indeed been acting suspicious after finding out Frank’s whereabouts. She even visits Frank’s dad, trying to figure out what Frank could possibly be doing in Coalport. As a result, Wes becomes too overbearing and Laurel starts feeling like he’s interrogating her every time he so much as looks at her. To distract him, Laurel spills the beans. On his secret surprise birthday Meggy’s throwing him, anyway. Though Wes does a decent job at acting like he’s genuinely surprised when he arrives at the party, Laurel does a less than decent job at acting like she’s not bothered by Wes and Meggy’s PDA!
Oliver/Connor: Connor and Oliver are still adjusting to being exes. Both of them seem to be getting back into dating, or so it seems. Michaela seems to think she’s the perfect person to help Oliver find a new mate, but the others rightfully point out that Michaela’s track record hasn’t exactly consisted of dateable guys. And Drake-not-the-rapper seems determined to act as though he’s seeing Oliver just to spite Connor. But, in reality, the only one who’s getting physical with anyone else is Connor himself, and his physical activities involve a threesome! At Wes’s surprise party, Oliver confesses that putting himself out there is simply not as easy for him as it is for Connor. After all, he’s the one dealing with his HIV+ status, not Connor. Connor promises not to rub his hook-ups in Oliver’s face, although he’d much rather rub other things in his face.
Frank: Buzcut!Frank continues his killing spree this week! As it turns out, he’s not just holed up in Coalport, Pennsylvania for the scenery. He gets a job at a low security prison and manages to seduce someone with security clearance, all so that he can deliver a message to Bonnie. How? By killing her father, of course! Recently, Bonnie’s father got transferred to the (low security) Coalport State Prison medical ward due to his lung problems. So Frank decided to use Hydrogen sulfide to melt his lungs from the inside out. Which is pretty brilliant.
The End: Eve and Annalise discuss her statement to the board, which was actually Nate’s idea! Which makes me wonder, if it was Nate’s idea, then why did they have a fake fight in the first place? And why did he sleep with DA Atwood? Just to make things more convincing?
But, more importantly, Annalise and Eve make out. That is, until Eve comes to her senses and confesses that she’s met someone else! The women share a sweet goodbye, though I hope it’s not the last we’ve seen of Eve.
Later, Annalise throws out all of Nate’s disgustingly healthy foods, as Bonnie walks in to tell Annalise that her father is dead. Bonnie explains that she’s listed as his next of kin and was therefore called to pick up his body. Of course, this is when Laurel shows up at the Keating residence, overhearing the part about Bonnie’s dad dying in Coalport.
Later, Bonnie finds Laurel, who apologizes for not telling her about Frank’s whereabouts. Laurel asks if Frank killed her father. Bonnie’s response? “Don’t tell Annalise”, because that’s worked out well before!
The Flash Forward reveals Bonnie and Oliver at the hospital, trying to figure out who the body belongs to. Then, Oliver sees Meggy and calls for her, but she’s too busy doing her job! She storms into the emergency room where the doctors are working on the mystery body. Meggy has the lab results and apparently the mystery body… is pregnant. And guess who it is? Laurel, of course! Carrying Frank’s or Wes’s little bundle of joy!