The Flash (S03E03) "Magenta"

So many things happened in this episode, so many things, where can I begin? Okay so we see Earth-2 Wells and Jesse come back to the show because of Jesse being a speedster. Then we get a new meta on the loose Magenta which for those who may be confused in why she has the same powers as Marvel’s villain Magneto its because either DC Comics or Marvel comics stole the characters powers from one or the other no one really knows who stole what from each others comic companies. Anyway lets get to the review:
In the episode: Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) try out going on a date, but of course the date gets ruined by at first a Bank robbery right next to the restaurant they are dinning at. Next Cisco’s (Carlos Valdes) warning system activating, Barry and Iris rush over to Star Labs to reveal a breech is open but Cisco didn’t open it nor did anyone else on Earth-1 side did. Harry (Tom Cavanagh) and new speedster Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) speed their way out of the breech. Wells wants Jesse to not use her powers but thats not what Jesse wants. A jealous Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) walks out of the speed lab when they go in to test Jesse’s speed. Wells then knows Barry ran back in time and wants to know what he changed.
Meanwhile Frankie Kane(Joey King) is having an enjoyable night with her foster mother until her foster father John Kane (Peter Flemming) came home and started giving her grief that everything is her fault. Frankie’s split personality then comes to the surface sending John to the hospital. When Frankie is talking with Joe (Jesse L. Martin) about what happened the other night, Joe talks to Barry about it being possibly a meta-human with incredible strength but his co-worker Julian (Tom Felton) doesn’t believe that and sees Frankie in there and takes a DNA sample from Frankie.
When Julian runs the sample he then wants to test a theory by taunting Frankie. Frankie goes into a panic and her split personality Magenta came to the surface to wreak havoc on Julian but to kill him, luckily Flash came and saved Julian. When the Flash tries calming down Frankie, Magenta came out to give Flash a choice save the cop in the air or capture her. Flash chooses to save the cop from the flying cop car and Magenta gets away.
Barry then tells the team that Magenta got her powers from Dr. Alchemy who has been changing people who were meta’s in the Flashpoint timeline. Barry thinks Magenta can be changed to be a force of good if that rage is subsided. The team locates Frankie’s foster dad and finds out which hospital hes at.
Iris then chooses to go to the hospital to visit with John Kane, when Iris begins to talk with John she starts to understand why Frankie created the split personality. John is one of the monsters she could never get away from. The hospital then goes under attack by Magenta sending a tanker over the hospital. Barry runs to the hospital to then create a funnel not with his arms but with his speed. When Barry comes to a dilemma that he can’t get to Magenta while making the funnel, Wells then decides its best that Jesse comes to help, Jesse runs to the hospital to help out still creating the funnel while Flash goes to help Magenta calm down. Flash and Jesse find this as a victory with Magenta calming down.
In the end: Magenta reveals how she got her powers by having dreams that were giving her a headache and if she wanted it to go away she had to go to Dr. Alchemy who gave her what she wanted. Frankie/Magenta is then sent to Keystone to live with a loving and happy family and if Magenta tries coming out the team believes she will be victorious because they have faith in her.
Next episode: The Flash (S3E4): The New Rogues on October 25, 2016