American Horror Story (S06E06) “Chapter 6”

Review: So not normally one to enjoy the horror genre “American Horror” has consistently been able to reel me in, and tonight’s episode was no exception. We were promised a huge twist and Ryan Murphy supplied it in droves. The Roanoke nightmare documentary may have ended but the show was a huge success with ratings that surpassed anything shows like “Empire” or even “The Walking Dead” could muster.

That story may have ended but the real horror show has only begun with both the actors and the people they played returning to the Roanoke  hell house. So basically a show within a show within a show. You guys still with me? How and why anyone would return to that house is beyond me but I’d say the sleazeball tv producer Sidney played realistically and brilliantly by Cheyenne Jackson is a major key. He alone manages to convince everyone to partake in “Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell” though there was a minor hick up when Shelby almost decided not to return to the show, because though The show was a success her relationship with Matthew was anything but. They were going through a separation after Shelby had an affair with actor Dominic Banks, the man who played her husband in the reenactment. She end up agreeing to return believing that being stuck in a house with her Matt will be forced to talk to her and hear her out, with a stipulation that Dominic cannot partake. Sidney of course agrees and in typical sleaze fashion has Dominic join the group anyway.

Now while the producers and crew are getting things in place for the casts return i.e implanting booby traps set to scare our unassuming cast mates a series unfortunate vents occur. The first of which is a ring of dead piglets found near a tree that was not set up by the crew. Enter Kathy Bates as Agnes, the actress who played “The Butcher.” Agnes believed that the role was the role of a lifetime and of course became mentally unstable and assaulted tourists with the cleaver in Hollywood while dressed as her character. She ended up institutionalized but she’s better now right? Well Sidney doesn’t think so and accuses her of setting up the piglets and issues her a restraining order. Agnes takes this news the only way she knows how and curses him out in full on Butcher mode as he walks out.

Next we learned that Lee has chosen to return to Roanoke to protect her good name and prevent any more slander. Her biggest obstacle it seemed staying away from the booze due to her alcoholism a fate shared by the actress that played her. Back at the house unfortunate event number two occurs when a crew member is killed in a freak chainsaw accident. Sidney being the producer that he is wants to continue moving forward as planned, but his co-producer Diana is scared, disgusted, and quits on the spot. While driving away from the hell house show she turns on her camera as evidence if Sidney tries to make her out to be crazy to the press, but it ends up being the last thing she does as she’s attacked by the pig masked killer and crashes her car. It’s revealed that though the tape was found her body was not.

Next step we meet Audrey and Rory the actors who played Shelby and Edward Mott. Audrey is British and Edward is childish but they are very much in love and newly married. While sharing a romantic moment at the house they spot someone outside from the window. The person attacks and Audrey believes it to be Agnes, who has been harassing Audrey ever since she won a Saturn Award and beating Agnes who was nominated for the same category. Afterwords the cast are all given phones to film everything in the house, Shelby is reunited with Matt and Lee for the first time since doing the show. Lee and Shelby fight and Matt walks away wanting nothing to do with the both of them. That actors have a laugh of the recent drama and comment that they never experienced any of the spooky events that Matt, Lee and Shelby did. Matt point out that while they may have filmed in the summer the Blood Moon is upon them and it’s almost full. A placard is then shown telling us that Sidney’s show never aired and that every person involved in the show died during filming except one. And sorry Evan Peters fans it’s not Rory who after valiantly trying to find the guy who spooked his wifey after her shower he is violently stabbed by creepy creepy nurse ghosts.

The episode ends with Matt’s terrifying revelation that the MURDER sign that was spray-painted on the mirror has something to do with their names seeing how Rory represents the R in murder. I have to say I love this episode for the sheer fact that their portrayal what really occurred behind the scenes is probably the truest thing to occur on “American Horror Story” I cannot wait to see what is in store for our characters and what other hidden truths the cameras will reveal as the actors begin to believe the story Matt and Shelby told, and Sidney continues to rave about ratings and his genius. Honestly if he is next to go that is no skin off my back.