Bull: (S01E04) "Callisto"

“A lot of good can come from a deep, personal downward spiral. From the bottom of a hole, it’s easy to see the light”-Jason Bull
Callisto is a small town in Texas. Bull remembers it as Hell; for this is the place where he lost his only case. It is his Waterloo and the place of his next challenge
Kerry Ketchum (Barrett Doss) is a scientist.  She expands on a cure for Hemophilia and treats her sister, during an emergency hospitalization. Her treatment is successful and news spreads throughout the Healthcare industry; primarily because her cure is cost friendly…she’s offering it for free!  Enter wealthy businessman, Errol Widemere (Sam McMurray) who claims Kerry stole his formula. He files a lawsuit against her for patent infringement.  This is the case.
The best thing about “Callisto” is it is fun to see Bull in a folksy, country time setting, literally out of his pants and truly challenged by his friendly nemesis Diana Lindsay (Jill Flint) Equally fun to watch is Merle Deavers (Joe Tippett) A non criminal attorney and “the Jack of some trades” who is chosen to be the mouth piece for Kerry. Everybody loves Merle. He’s a colorful and simple man, with very strong roots in the community.  He provides the perfect analogies to explain the often complex technical aspects of the case by keeping it “apples and oranges”.  And locals usually side with locals, think the strategist; and…”everybody loves Merle”
The case ends in a closed off room during a fake tornado warning orchestrated by Bull. Here Kerry and Windemere talk. Apparently impressed with their interaction, Windemere drops his suit and everybody goes home.  Just like that!
It was a fun episode; yet we still have to find out about that “downward spiral, the bottom of a hole and seeing the light” as proclaimed by Bull. And of equal puzzle, how did an obviously hungover Bull, wake up in a field without pants and a cow staring him down…or was it another bull?