Chicago Fire (S05E02): "A Real Wake-Up Call"

This episode brought two cases that were closely intertwined with the Fire House and that was very interesting to watch.
“A Real Wake-Up Call” brought the plot line with Borrelli to its climax. I sincerely hope that he will remain on the show somehow, even though he will no longer be able to work, having only one eye. It would be a tragedy to loose this character.
The writers also remind us that no relationships are safe. While it doesn’t seem Severide will be charged for attacking Grant, Stella certainly has distanced herself from him.
The major thing to be concerned for in upcoming episodes is the safety of Louie. It’s interesting to get a sense of the political world, but it’s sad that Louie’s foster placement could be the consequence of bending rules.
Overall, the director style fit in nicely with the series and the writers nailed the script, keeping it fresh and intriguing but also emotional.