Impastor (S02E04) "Sins of The Past – or Part 1"

Last week the episode left off with Buddy being tied up and about to be tortured for information about where Damien is.  One thing i liked about this week’s episode is that there where several different story lines happening but they all were connected.
This week picks up right where it left off. We find Buddy about to be tortured by Damien’s friend Suzanne. She whips him and goes after his balls with a ball crusher. He chooses to not give her any information. But she gives him a piece of information about a very expensive article of clothing Damien was wearing when he was killed.  After a while she leaves to go meet with someone, this gives Buddy a chance to escape. After he escapes he tries to make a quick getaway before she comes after him to kill him. But before leaving town he stopped to pay Damien a visit hoping to find that piece of clothing to pawn it but comes up empty handed. All the while Suzanne followed Buddy around town and to where Damien was buried. She threatens to kill him and Dora if he doesn’t get what she was looking for.
Meanwhile we see Dora and Russell work closely together.  They helped plan a event for the town of Ladner together. We also got to see flashbacks from Dora’s past when she runs into her old crush from high school. She gets really happy and hopes that he might be single But unfortunately for Dora he is happily married with three kids. Even though she knows there is no future with him she decides to tell him she tried to ask him to go to prom with her. But before she got the chance Russell (in the flashback) asks Dora to pro so he doesn’t have to go alone. Of course, Dora being the great friend she is says yes to Russell.

Last week when the episode ended we saw Alexa run off to the airport and I personally thought she was going on the lam to hide from Ray, her ex’s Kenny’s prison roommate. But this week we find out where she ended up going. She heads to a bank to get into a safety deposit box.  She gets an unexpected surprise when she opens it. When she gets back to Ladner she stops in to see Buddy and tell him that Ray has threatened to burn the church down if he didn’t get what Alexa owed him. Later when Alexa is at her shop Ray pay’s her a visit where Buddy antagonizes by calling his bluff. Alexa didn’t know what Buddy was thinking.

Buddy decided that he was going to try and catch Ray in the act of burning down the church. He tries to go to the police for help but the sheriff didn’t care and didn’t help. So Buddy gathered the church council to plan on how to stop Ray. They all decided to do stakeouts  throughout the night in pairs. Without missing a beat Russell chooses Buddy to go on the stakeout with. Alden chooses to do an earlier shift because he had dinner plans with Ashlee and didn’t want to miss that. So that leaves Dora and Alexa to team up. Buddy had a feeling Ray was about to commit arson on his shift with Russell so they leave his car to go see if he was at the church. Immediately after they got a huge surprise, leaving them in shock.

This weeks episode was filled with lots of laughter and suspense. It makes me want to watch the second part to find out what we are in store for. To catch up on Impastor make sure to check out the TV Land app and