Impastor! The Best Show on TV!

Impastor is an awesome show on TV Land. I know when you hear TV Land you think of all those feel good old rerun shows like King of Queens, Golden Girls and Reba but they are changing their ways. They have a lot of new original shows that are really awesome. Impastor is by far my favorite of all their new shows.
First of all the cast is PERFECT! I have seen the entire first season numerous times and what has been shown of the second season numerous times and never thought they made a mistake. When you watch the show you can see how much they all love working together. Their chemistry on and off screen is so great. My all time favorite is Michael Rosenbaum, who plays the leading role Buddy Dobbs. He is perfect for this role. It’s the mix of comedy and dark drama with Buddy that makes the whole show awesome. You never truly know whats going to happen or how Buddy will react to it, but you know you can’t wait to see it.
Then they have Sara Rue for Dora, Buddy’s assistant, she really does a great job. She is great with playing Dora’s Naive side so perfectly. I also love Mike Kosinski, he plays Russell and he is perfect! I love so many of his scenes and I always want to just give him a big hug after Buddy doesn’t flirt back. Then there is Mircea Monroe, who plays Alexa. I think she does a great job, one scene Alexa will be fun and flirty then next scene she would have some serious stuff happen, like a mysterious guy from her past.
There is also David Rasche who plays Alden Schmidt. I love how Alden can be a stickler for the rules and how the church should be run, then sneak moments with his new girlfriend Ashlee and a completely different person with her. That brings me to Lindsey Gort, she plays Ashlee. When we first met her she was Buddy’s hooker but throughout the first season we saw her get closer with Alden while keeping her secret from him.
The cast is so much more awesome than just the characters they play. They love to interact with their fans. Whether it be on Twitter or Facebook. They love re-tweeting and replying to almost everyone’s posts. They also do a lot of Facebook Live events. Mostly just Michael does them, which are awesome, but when the whole cast gets together for the live events they are insanely awesome! I love seeing them feed off each others energy’s.
Another reason why I love Impastor is because it is completely original. I have not seen any of what makes Impastor awesome on any other shows on TV. Plus the writing is hysterical. Some things you would normally never hear on TV you will hear on Impastor. I personally love when a show has the freedom to swear without bleeping the curse words out. It’s just so refreshing. Also I love how it’s not trying to be like other shows. There are so many shows about some form of science fiction, fantasy and computer animated. Impastor is perfect without all that stuff.
I hope you read this and go check out Impastor on TV Land. It is on Wednesday nights at 10:30pm. Watch it and live Tweet with the cast! You can find the entire first season on the TV Land App and
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