NCIS: New Orleans: (S03E04) "Escape Plan"

Sebastian is kidnapped. Beaten and knocked unconscious, he awakens in what looks like an old power plant, tied to a chair and next to a man tied to another chair in a law officer’s uniform. After the prison guard is shot in what appears to be a random act, Sebastian is threatened with the death of his highly sensitive and neurotic mom, Sylvia Lund, (Wendie Malick)…and she calls him Peaches. Added to the list of those in danger is his boss and co-worker, Loretta (CCH Pounder) unless he cooperates. The kidnappers want him to play a game of “Prison Break” in real life. His skill of escape in a virtual reality game gets the attention of very bad people, who are determined to break out an international bad man, Gordon Bogdan, “The Butcher” They’ve already killed his comrade and number 1 gamer, Michael who refused their demands. So Sebastian, who is the number 2 gamer, agrees and dresses in the uniform of the murdered prison guard.
The awe of this episode is the meek, geek and quirky Sebastian. He who speaks with a neurotic, non stop ramble (obviously picked up from his mom) remained in control of the situation through out.  It was great to see him go dark net and use his hacking skills to rescue himself and stop the bad guys.  He was genius and very courageous, actually. Not thinking of his safety,  he did the right thing, because it was the right thing to do.. For at one point he had the opportunity to run… and he did!  Yet he turns around to thwart the escape by setting the truck on fire, alerting the team of his location. Then enters the calvary (the NCIS team) ; yet not before Sebastian whacks Prison Guard and fellow bad guy, Alex Novak (Nick Garcer) with a big stick, knocking him out cold.
I was pleasantly  surprised and did not miss Percy, who had gone to visit family and was not in this episode.  So “Ya’done good Peaches” More please.