New Girl (S06E05) “Jaipur Aviv”

The Loft votes whether or not to let Reagan move in while Cece and Schmidt clash over the interior design for their house. Meanwhile, Nick and Winston try to find out if Schmidt and Cece’s new house was the set of an adult film.

With the impending move of newly weds Cece and Schmidt; Jess, Nick and Winston all realize how empty the loft is. With Winston off on an echo hunt, we finish our cold opening.

While cleaning the new house *ahem* Jaipur Aviv, Nick brings up the idea of Reagan moving into the Loft. Since she’ll sleep in Nick’s room, there will be an empty room for more space and still someone paying rent. Win/win.

Winston starts to think that he’s seen Jaipur Aviv somewhere before while Cece and Schmidt while talking about interior design, which Schmidt hates.

With the off site Loft meeting, everyone takes a vote whether to let Reagan move in, with 3 Yays and 2 Nays. Jess being Jess has to win those other votes to make her friend happy.

With more and more “flaws” that Cece keeps adding onto the house, Schmidt becomes more and more irritated, while Winston remembers where he recognizes the house. Porn. It’s from porn.

With Winston freaking out, he tells Nick who reluctantly helps out. With the ‘Secret Vault’ filled and the Keepers of the Five Secrets on a mission to find out if it is the house in the porn (Shhh don’t say a word), Jess scares the crap out of Schmidt.

Acting as a nearly perfect UN diplomat, Jess has Schmidt as a Yay, one the condition that Nick and Reagan admit they are poor people and that Nick gets new pants. While Winston has some requests. Spend time with Ferguson and be the first to see Nick in his new pants.

With the next vote in play, Cece is the Nay this time, but only to help out Jess’ feelings. She’s a Yay now.

With Cece and Schmidt doing their best to compromise, the final meeting is happening, and this time it’s Nick who’s a Nay. He has some cold feet about asking Reagan. Totally understandable.

Winston using his finest detective work, Nick finishes the porn and discovers it takes place in Seattle, not in their new home. With that good news, Nick is going to ask Reagan because he wants to spend more time with her and that she makes him happy. Awww.

So many classic Schmidt moments in this episode. Both doorbell scenes were hilarious and his pronunciation is always comical. Nick and Winston watching porn made me think this episode would be uncomfortable, but it was quite the opposite. The Keeper of the Five Secrets’ handshake was pretty good too. (Seriously, really wanna stress two straight guys shouldn’t watch porn together. Unless it’s for a classic Nick and Winston Mess Around to see if it’s a porn house. Then it’s all cool.) 8.0/10