The Good Place (S01E06) “Chapter 6: What We Owe to Each Other”

Last week’s episode of The Good Place was a half hour of funny and it’s all from Ted Danson and Kristen Bell’s performance.

Eleanor helps Michael try to figure out the cause of the weird events that have been happening. But with all of the crazy theories and interesting stuff in his office, Eleanor decides to advice him on taking a break and have some fun. From there, they went karaoke to playing arcade games and even bowling.

Meanwhile Tahani wants to spend some time with Jianyu by going to a couple’s spa, but he really feel uncomfortable about it and asked Chidi to come too, making it awkward and weird for her. Tahani tries by asking questions on art and even his pores on his face, but she wasn’t getting anything.

Chidi tells him just pick something she likes that he has common ground with like impression paintings but Jianyu just comes up with a painting of an impressionist of Frank Caliendo, but soon changes it to three ballot dancers with Tahani’s face on it. There was a moment at the couple’s cafe where Tahani and Chidi share a moment of their favorite thing over talking about Jianyu.

The next day Eleanor comes back to Michael’s office and he tells her that he figured out how fun can be. So instead of taking her advice on another fun day like the other day, they search the places that the crazy events happen and looked into those that have been there. Janet gives a list of those that were at the cleaning up the neighborhood, which was a short list, to along those that were flying, which was a longer list.

But when they come up empty, Michael decides to put on his hoodie and lay on the floor. After seeing another flashback from when Eleanor let a friend’s dog get fat from a ton of dog food, she confronts Michael and tell him that she’ll be there helping to figure it out. Until he figures it out what the problem was and ordered a town meeting, where he confronts the people that he found the problem and that it is….him and he must leave.

Another shocking cliffhanger! This was another slam dunk of an episode. Bell and Danson shines so bright with a great chemistry. Loved the Friends reference that’s been made through the episode and the question about the apartment (even though it was rent controlled from Monica’s aunt when she gave it to her).

The Chidi, Jianyu and Tahani storyline was good too. It was so funny and awkward for Chidi to explain that he was part of the couple’s spa day. And the painting of Caliendo was funny too.

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