The Strain (S03E08) “White Light”

Review: Warning, this review contains spoilers. First of all: my apologies for the delay. I’ve been really busy and my internet hasn’t been working quite well.

We are only two episodes away from the season finale and everything is going so slow that makes me anxious. You know that feeling, the calm before the storm, well, that’s how I’d describe this episode. Amazing.

We don’t see much of Gus and Angel. Gus takes Angel to one of the Freedom Center to get him some medical attention, then Gus goes back to his apartment. Later Angel goes to Gus’s home but he’s not there, he takes his medication and  fall asleep on the couch. Do you Remember Guadalupe? Gus’s mother? She’s back! And she’s the first thing Angel sees when he wakes up from his nap. She’s ready to attack him, but Gus arrives just in time and kills her. Headshot. I’m gonna miss her.

This week flashbacks are about Gus childhood. We learn he had an abusive father who beat him and his mother, but thanks to his uncles, his father “disappeared”. I guess the point of this flashback is to show why Gus feels the constant need to take care of his mother, even when she’s not human anymore. Since he was a little boy he had to take care of her and his little brother but he couldn’t do it.

gus flashback - The Strain (S03E08) “White Light”

Palmer meets Setrakian and Fet with some news. He gives them Stoneheart I.D’s, a key card, and Cyrus Minow’s address — the guy who denied Palmer access to his own ship —. Setrakian and Fet pay a visit to Mr. Minow and he leads them to the human slaughterhouse where they hope to find the crate of one of the Old World Ancients. But they arrive too late, Eichhorst and his new associate Sanjay are already there and successfully take the crate with them, leaving Fet and Setrakian empty-handed.

setra fet - The Strain (S03E08) “White Light”

Dutch and Eph keep working on isolate the voice of the Master. They play the recording from the black box, it seems like an ordinary recording but when the voice of the Master starts to sound the entire place start quaking and Dutch passes out. I’d say it almost killed her. Eph takes care of her and when she feels better, they have sex. I don’t support this ship, sorry.

eph y dutch 2 - The Strain (S03E08) “White Light”

Quinlan goes to see the Ancients to ask if they are ready to take action. When he arrives, a group of strigois led by Eichhorst shows up at the Ancients’ lair. The Master shows up through Eichhorst’s eyes and tells them that killing them is an act of mercy. He then places a suitcase on the floor and leaves the place. Here we have amazing fighting scenes before a white light coming from the suitcase blows up the entire lair and part of the city.

ancients - The Strain (S03E08) “White Light”

  • I don’t like the romantic relationship between Eph and Dutch. I’m not sure it’s a romantic relationship, but I don’t like it.
  • I enjoy seeing the dynamics between Setrakian/Fet and Palmer.
  • Setrakian, Fet and Quinlan make an amazing team. I hope they can keep working together.
  • Where is Feraldo? I need to know what she’s doing.
  • I hope Quinlan is alive or I’ll get really upset.
  • I don’t know about The Ancients, I mean, I’m not a big fan of them but it would be nice if they survive and join the fight, but I don’t think our heroes get so many allies.