Channel Zero: Candle Cove (S01E02) “I’ll Hold Your Hand”

I have a challenge for the readers of this review: respond in the comments as to what you think the child tooth monster should be named. I’ll pick the best four, put them in a poll on twitter and let the twitterverse decide. Get involved and let’s name our nightmare.

Last week, we were introduced to Candle Cove, a mysterious kid’s show that only they could see. We were also introduced to Mike Painter, who lost his twin brother Eddie in 1988. During the two months the show ran, kids went missing, only to be found dead, missing teeth. Except for Eddie, who was never found. We also met the characters of Candle Cove, and the very real child monster made entirely of teeth. Nice, creepy set for the series, right? Well, come aboard the Laughingstock, and let’s see where “I’ll Hold Your Hand” takes us.

This episode is more intimate, letting us get to know the characters a little better. The creep factor is still there, with the music and shadow play adding to the scare factor. 

Katie is once again watching “Candle Cove,” only this time it talks to her. Look under her bed….after she does this, the next thing we hear someone screaming in pain. At the hospital, Jessica calls Mike to come and try and talk to Katie. It seems Katie found a hook under her bed and tried to disembowel her brother. Dane is stitched up, and Katie is under observation in the same hospital. Mike goes in to talk to her. As her father, Sheriff Gary watches on the security monitors, Katie is vague with her answers as to why she hurt her brother. Having seen a child’s drawing of a cave and a pirate ship, he asks her about it. All she tells him is, “He’ll have to go inside.” Katie also tells Mike about a boy she met in the cave; someone who has been there a long time. Gary stops the questioning as Mike reaches to out to touch her. Gary says no more questioning unless Jessica or himself are present. Meanwhile, Katie gets another visitor: the Tooth Monster. If anyone had bothered to look at the monitors, they would have seen the creature.

One Deputy takes a report of what seems like a strange, but harmless break-in. Someone broke into a woman’s house and stole….of all things….her son’s baby teeth. Hmmmm….

Meanwhile, Marla talks to a local TV programmer. No, there’s no record of Candle Cove on any channel. There is tons of fan fiction about it, however. He tells Marla that it seemed to air on “dead channels, ” like a pirate channel.

When Marla comes back home, Mike has put the child’s drawing on the TV screen. She knows that place…it’s the old cement plant where Mike and Eddie used to play. They head out. As Mike sees a figure disappear into the tunnel, he tells her to wait, and goes in after the figure. As Mike reaches the interior he finds a shrine. Tv sets and candles are surrounding a childs body. As the police arrive, they believe they have found Eddie. Though he is dead, just as the other children where, Eddie is preserved…much less decay for the time of death in 1988. Knowing about Eddie’s broken finger at the hands of bullies, Marla breaks down, thinking that Eddie died at their hands and she feels responsible. Seeing his mother like this breaks loose a memory for Mike.

Later, as Mike and Marla sit at the kitchen table, Mike tells his mother he was the one who killed Eddie. As he tries to explain to her, she looses it, cuts with a knife and leaves.

Gary takes Mike into custody, though Gary seems to have missed the turn off…Gary keeps driving. We are left with Mrs. Booth, the baby teeth thief, feeding the tooth monster child.

This episode drew us further in, making us *need* to know more about Candle Cove…to learn it’s secrets. Where is Gary taking Mike? Why is Mrs. Booth calling and feeding the tooth monster? What will happen to Katie and the other children? I have a feeling we’re only scratching the surface of Candle Cove.