Chicago Med (S02E05): “Extreme Measures”

Chicago Med fell back into its usual patterns following multiple patients in one episode in “Extreme Measures.” In this episode, they were all interesting and very different from patients we’ve seen in the past.

Again, doctors are faced with the complex issues of what is right and wrong to do for patients. Doctor Halstead makes very risky decisions when trying to save a male who was hit by a car at the marathon. By the end of the episode, the patient is alive and well and his relationship with Nina flourishes.

Phoebe and her mother present one of the more complex cases. The only thing about these sort of plot lines is I wish I could know what happens next. Will Phoebe be reunited with her mother? Or will her mother be forced into court for the mistake she made? Aside from this unknown, I enjoyed this patient’s storyline.

I found Mrs. Barlow to have the most intriguing plot line in this episode. It felt like a mystery, trying to figure out what her story was. Was she really eating cat food? Was there a mental illness involved? By the end of the episode, it came down to a very simple reason, wanting to live up to the expectations of her friends money wise.

“Extreme Measures” focused on multiple different issues on a wide range of patients. It was fast paced, kept my focus, and didn’t leave me feeling confused at any part.