Keeping Up With The Joneses (2016)

Alright, so there’s really not that many movies now in these days that do comedy on spies. It’s always more of an action type setting that goes dark or twisted pretty fast. But not this movie; this movie takes what makes a spy movie interesting to go and see combined with comedy and I think thats what made this movie very interesting. Today I’m reviewing the movie Keeping up with the Joneses!

In the film: We see an average, normal guy named Jeff Gaffney (Zach Galifinakis) who kisses his wife Karen Gaffney (Isla Fisher) goodbye as he drives to work. Only to see at first the house across the street has been sold by the suburban’s Realtor Meg (Maribeth Monroe) whom says shes never met the people that bought the house, they just looked at the pictures online and bought it. Jeff continues on going to work at MML (I think thats the name of the company he works for). Jeff does the routine check in and meets up with his buddy Dan (Matt Walsh) who talks about the news of the house being sold and how its weird that his wife never met the people before them buying it. Jeff then asks Dan about the work they do upstairs of the building; Dan makes a big deal out of it and blows him off,Dan then blows off Jeff for his offer in sky diving after work.

Jeff sits at his office and within 10 minutes of him working an employee Sanjay (Richard Regan Paul) asks Jeff if he can use his computer to buy some anti-depressants online. Jeff says yes and afterwards Stacey (Jona Xiao) makes an online international call to her parents. Jeff then gets to his Human Resources job and councils Oren (Ari Shaffir) and Yang (Micheal Liu) because of an argument that became offensive. Jeff tries a technique for them to release their feelings to each other face to face in his office while squeezing the stress balls he gave them. Yang makes a comment “maybe you should just write us up” but Jeff insists so the two start releasing their feelings towards each other which then ends up in Oren trying to beat up Yang.

Meanwhile, Karen ends up working at home trying to design what Meg had asked her to work on; placing a urinal within their home bathroom that already has a toilet in it already. While working on the urinal design placement, she looks out the window to see the new neighbors are moving in. When she first sees the new neighbors Karen is in ah with Tim Jones (Jon Hamm) and Natalie Jones (Gal Gadot) making out in the front lawn and handling all over each other, going under the just installed sprinklers and getting all wet (I’m not making this stuff up Karen literally took pictures of them doing all of this stuff). Karen sends Jeff a text with photos on it showing him the new neighbors while hes trying to help out another HR employee (Dawn Young) with issues that shes been having. Jeff comes home immediately after work to see the new neighbors already sitting and meeting with his wife their living room. During the meeting Jeff and Karen try getting to know about the Jones couple by revealing Natalie is a kind and giving woman. While Tim is more of a traveling writer; Jeff tries at first playing it off cool but after they meet and before the Jones leave they give them a gift, a glass sculpture that Tim says to use it as a “conversation piece”.

The next day its the weekend at the Junetoberfest at Jeff and Karen’s backyard where the neighborhood is invited to gather around and have fun with a BBQ and with Jeff’s homemade alcohol brewing. While at the festival/gathering Meg (Maribeth Monroe) as well as Patty (Amy Block) and other neighborhood mom’s think that its inappropriate of what Natalie (Gal Gadot) is wearing at this especially with kids at the event. But Karen defends Natalie saying that she looks fine and that shes from international countries where its probably fine that women dress like that. Tim (Jon Hamm) at the time is telling Sanjay, Oren, Yang, Jeff, and Stacey about some of his traveling writer stories. Everyone in the little group is blown away about how intense the story is (especially Sanjay his facial expression was all like WTF?). While Tim is telling the stories, Dan (Matt Walsh) thinks its a good idea to show off his moves with the dart throwing competition. So Dan claiming to be this years champ again then drags over Natalie and asks her to give it a try. Dan trying to make Natalie do his signature throw but she makes a recommendation to not try it and to give her own throw a try. Natalie throws dart after dart after dart all hitting the bullseye mark. Dan feeling ashamed now takes the defeat to heart and walks away with shame claiming Natalie as the new champion of the dart throwing competition.

Karen notices Tim is walking into their house so she follows him and asks him where hes going but he blows it off saying he got lost trying to find the bathroom. Later that night Karen tells Jeff about the incident but Jeff blows it off thinking that he really did get lost in finding the bathroom because maybe he really had to take a poop (the whole night conversation part here was really weird). During the night Tim and Natalie Jones go to Jeff’s work place. Natalie putting on a french accent claiming the car has broken down and if Security Officer #1 (Gregory Fears) and Security Officer #2 (Matt McHugh) offer to help; Tim secretly enters into MML and makes his way to Human Resources which is Jeff’s office. He takes a look through Jeff’s computer but takes a while when Tim looks over to his right he sees what he thinks is a disturbing and weird picture of Jeff sky diving. When the computer finally reveals the erased emails he sees an email from someone known as “The Scorpion” the email ends up confirming  a drop that will be happening soon. Tim then looks at Jeff’s mouse pad revealing the Brewery supplies store he goes to.

Next day, Jeff goes to the Brewery supplies store only to find Tim there trying to get into a similar hobby as his neighbor. Jeff helps Tim out and has Bernie (Marc Grapey) set Tim up with the Brew’s starter kit to get him started. Tim really appreciates Jeff’s help and when they are done there, Tim asks Jeff if he likes Chinese; Jeff is confused and asks “The food? or the People?” and Tim confirms he’s talking about the food. So Tim takes Jeff to a Chinese Restaurant and takes him to the secret club that only a few know about in Chinese restaurants. When they get back there Tim introduces Jeff to Yuri (Andre Pushkin) where they enter into the the restaurant’s club; Yuri starts the two of them off with a drink where the alcohol washes away most of the Cobra venom (so your pretty much drinking dead cobra) Yuri then gets the two of them with the lunch which is a snake where Yuri cuts off the head of snake and cuts up the body. While the Tim and Jeff are having fun; Karen notices something very odd with Natalie especially when she hides a case in her car trunk. Karen calls Jeff while hes out with Tim and Karen then makes the call short to say shes going to follow Natalie. Jeff and Tim go to eating the snake  and Karen is on an adventure following Natalie all across town to a diner and then to the mall where Karen is then caught by Natalie while shes trying on new lingerie at a clothing store in the mall. Natalie then gets Karen alone in the dressing room to share some intimate secrets and some things that may help Karen reignite that spark in the marriage with Jeff.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Tim start the buddy/interrogation conversation about people who use Jeff’s computer at work. Jeff then talks about all the people and brings up Sanjay and how hes been needing to use his computer to purchase a BBQ Cleaning Robot and Tim gets confused, so Jeff explains who Sanjay is but thats not what confused Tim, so then he asks whats the deal with the robot. And Jeff explains as he explains Jeff gets infected with the venom of the snakes head that was cut off. Tim acts fast with Yuri getting the antidote while laughing like a psychopath. Tim gets the antidote injected into Jeff while Yuri in the background is still laughing to his knees. Hours later, Jeff thanks Tim for saving his life and for this to be one of his many stories that he can now tell to impress others in his traveling writer job. Jeff then gets an idea to take Tim to the sky diving area and so they go into a building and do sky diving but inside a dome.

One night when Tim and Natalie were out having dinner with Stacey, Oren, Yang, and Sanjay; Karen and Jeff break into the Joneses home to find out who they really are which are spies, revealing in their base of operations Jeff is under investigation along with Stacey (Jona Xiao), Sanjay (Richard Paul), Oren (Ari Shaffir), and Yang (Micheal Liu). While trying to make everything seem like nothing has been touched Jeff accidentally shoots a dart from a spy pen. Karen faints and then awakes being completely drugged and goofy, Jeff drags Karen out of the Joneses house and get them to their own house.

Tim and Natalie eventually reveal their true objective to Karen and Jeff after being saved from finding out way too much info about what Tim and Natalie are. After they are saved the Joneses tell them that nothing can be told to anybody of what they witnessed today and they swear to never tell. The Joneses house then blows up but eventually revealing how they survived the explosion spy style. Karen and Jeff thinking their new neighbors/friends are dead they start packing their stuff to go somewhere else but get a black out. Karen and Jeff go to the circuit breakers to reveal Natalie and Tim are alive and have Meg (Monroe) and Dan (Walsh) kidnapped and tied up in the basement of Karen and Jeff’s home. After Karen and Jeff are relieved their friends are alive; its then revealed that Dan is the one using Jeff’s computer to contact “The Scorpion” Dan gets a call on his phone and Jeff and Karen then go undercover as Dan and Meg meeting The Scoripion(Patton Oswalt). With the Joneses listening in to the conversation, Jeff then remembers Scorpion from somewhere so he asks if they had ever met before. Scorpion doesn’t think so but his bodyguard Ivan (Scott Perry) finds that question a bit suspicious but shrugs it off after handing Jeff and Karen a suitcase of money. Jeff then gives Scorpion a stress ball but Scorpion remembers something and demands for them to stop; Jeff remembers Scorpion as Bruce who has a vendetta against the company.

Tim and Natalie save Karen and Jeff from the grasps of death by Bruce/Scorpion’s henchmen. Tim, Natalie, Karen all jump into a pool of water but Jeff hesitates until Bruce comes and about to shoot Jeff, he jumps into the pool. Natalie triggers a bomb blowing up Bruce and his henchmen. Tim and Natalie then have to leave the suburbs and state again its apart of the job they say but they feel bad for having to leave their new friends.

In the end of the movie its 1 year later (or the way they word it “One Summer Later”) they are in international country to find Tim and Natalie working another job that they interrupt and then becomes a part of a shoot out!

Honestly this movie had the spy action packed movie that a lot who like spy movies will love and then theres the parts of the movie that have that comedy that people who like comedy movies will like. All in all I’m glad I was able to see this movie as a free screening and this movie made me laugh, I enjoyed it from beginning to end and it leaves it open for a possible sequel but that also depends on if the actors and actresses all want to continue in sequels too because if they don’t then why make one right?

I would have to rate this movie: 5 out of 5 stars

Keeping Up With The Joneses is now out in theaters!