Supernatural (S12E02) “Mamma Mia”

Review: Time for Round Two in finding Sammy! But instead of us seeing how the search is going we are welcomed to a bedroom. With candles, a nice scenery, and WHAT IN THE H*** IS SAMMY DOING!!!! Yup, Sammy was in bed with that British wench! In my head I was like, NOPE! In reality I was like, YOU B****! But we did find out it was all just apart of a hallucination, the writers were highly messed up for that (I hope Sammy vomited later). Meanwhile at the bunker Dean is actually having a really hard time dealing with his mom (what would you expect, she died when he was a kid…) & there is a lot she doesn’t know. Which in my opinion I don’t think she’ll be able to handle with all the crap they’ve been through. Also, can we take into account of Castiel’s randomness. I swear he says the most oddest stuff but it’s funny!

Anyways, they were able to find where Sammy was located. After a very short, to the point, and “I’m you’r mother. You have to listen to me.” talk, Mamma Winchester tagged along. But the fun doesn’t end there folks, Dean get’s himself trapped. Oh good old Dean. By the way, did anyone else find that Crowley looked very good in a white tux? I know I did, so classy. Yes, classy, sassy, and crashing his mothers dinner to find Lucy. Did I mention Lucifer got a new vessel, a rock start vessel! Pretty cool. Cool until he’s angry when acid get’s thrown in his face. Yeah…Crowley & Rowina had this plan to cast him back in the cage…that didn’t go well (we got to see Lucy’s wings, an how lovely). An of course Crowley fled leaving his mom in the clutches of Lucifer. Poor Momma Witch, all she wanted was out of this mess…now she’s going to suffer.

But back to Dean! He didn’t get shipped off to Mars by the way. Just drugged, handcuffed, and then getting his face beaten in by the British wench! Yes, that whole scene ticked me off so badly..but no worries! We got a glorious cat fight with the British wench & Mamma Winchester! Yes, Mamma still go the moves you guys. All in all you would think everything was cool and they got a few hits in. WRONG! Another British comrade came….gosh I’m sick of these British hunters. (They say, they were going to leave..but I highly doubt it)

Lastly, at the bunker it got pretty emotional. Well except for when Dean was eating that pie though. Mary saw a whole new side to her older son! But it was really more emotional for Sammy, he never really knew her, like AT ALL! So yeah he’s going to be awkward, or shy, or nervous around her. I’m just glad the boys are letting her take her time with coping with things and Sammy got his first hug from mom! It was so touching indeed!