Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (S02E01): Where is Josh’s Friend

Review: The show’s second season starts off in the very awkward area of Rebecca’s confession that she moved to West Covina for Josh. I was wondering how the show would solve this cliffhanger. They did it in a very quick and effective yet clumsy way. It was with as usual Rebecca’s quick wit and expert skills at manipulation, semi-convincing Josh it was all his fault.

Since then Rebecca and Josh has since started a relationship some would say that love wise is rather one sided. With Josh once again ambivalent of his true emotions or desires first with Valencia now with Rebecca. Rebecca’s now holds even more intense grandiose delusions of their so-called love. These delusions I feel were not well conveyed by the premiere’s first musical number. The parody of Beyonce’s Lemonade is a rather big letdown in comparison to the first season’s opening number West Covina. Although West Covina is a pretty strong song to live up to.

This eludes to the possibility of her outrageous impulsive behavior will reach new heights in this season’s coming episodes. Which she demonstrates when she buys Josh an elaborate drawer outfitted with technological advancements and a quirky ragtime song by Scott Joplin. As always Rachel’s performance while doing all these cartoon like things is out of this world, so much so that we can relate to Rebecca and her antics and not see her as I said before as some comedic cartoon character.

There is one new twist that’s a bit of a risk, but one that I’m excited for Rebecca won’t have Paula involved in her shenanigans as much anymore or so Paula says whether she’ll live up to these promises will be another story. This leads into my next evaluation a theme that seems to pop up in the season premiere is conquering ones’ addictions. As earlier stated in this paragraph Paula is trying to conquer her addiction of getting caught up in Rebecca’s love life as a way to fulfill the emptiness she feels in her life. Which she does by deciding to go to Law School. While Greg has since the embarked on a journey to conquer his alcoholism. Although as you’ll find out in the episode it was not by his choice, but rather court mandated AA meetings after the character’s DUI arrest. This is something that truly excites and satisfies me because I’m enjoying the progression in character development in both Paula and Greg. They are in the process of healing themselves and trying to create and obtain the happy lives they desire. As I quote both of them. Greg: “I’m responsible for not what happened that night (in reference to the DUI) but for the whole mess that was my life up to that night.” Paula: “I feel bad because I realised something that glitter feeling I know that feeling, I feel it every time I do those bad things to help Rebecca. Ugh! It’s like my drug, it’s like I swear it off and tonight she just pulls me back in, it’s like I did another fist full of blow. I’m addicted to her life.” I hope to enjoy this journey these two are setting off on.

Other addictions will be harder to break in the case of Josh and Rebecca’s relationship. An obsessive relationship that’s more like two heroin addicts shooting up when they’re together then actual genuine love demonstrated by the episode’s second musical number. Which was good, but not great yet it does get its point across as the song stated “It feels so good to be having sex right now. So, good to be having sex right now. What makes it so good is we just said we shouldn’t be having sex right now. But, now we can’t stop having sex right now.”

I want to leave this on a positive note. The shining star in this sea of dysfunction is definitely the ever jovial Darryl Whitefeather and especially his relationship with White Josh. Pete Gardner portrays Darryl with a very powerful and self-possessed performance. Even so no matter how small of a part in an episode Darryl plays it seems as if Darryl was a large part of every scene he was in. Darryl is even though in the middle of all this chaos is a stable and self assured character. He’s the light in all the darkness that makes him just as enjoyable as all the messed up characters. Darryl’s relationship with boyfriend White Josh has become arguably the power couple of the show. Some in normal daily life would call them and I quote “relationship goals”. The on screen chemistry between Pete Gardner and David Hull is scorching hot.

I give this episode 2.5 stars out of 5. With that readers I will take my leave.

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