The Exorcist: (S01E05) “Chapter Five: Through My Most Grievous Fault”


The episode begins with Marcus doodling in his Bible and Tomas drinking coffee and talking. Kat is asleep on her bed with her hands on her laptop. Angela is listening to the radio where they are talking about the upcoming storm and she has a monitor where she can see into Casey’s room.

Henry is in with Casey. She looks terrible as she lies on a mattress. Henry is cleaning her face with a washcloth and praying the Lord’s Prayer. She sits up and says she has a secret and asks if Henry wants to hear it. She wraps a chain around Henry’s neck and she whispers into his ear in a language I don’t understand. Then Angela wakes up and it appears to be a dream that Angela had.

Kat has headphones on and is listening to music. I wonder if it’s so she can’t hear what is going on in Casey’s room. But then Kat goes and knocks on Casey’s door and asks if she is all right. All you can hear is banging around in Casey’s room. Kat goes back to her room and puts her headphones back on. Angela is looking out the window at the rain. Then she starts cleaning the windows, the kitchen, everything. I think she needs something to do. Then she looks up and there is mold on the ceiling which is under Casey’s room. Angela climbs up to try to clean it. I’m afraid she will fall. Henry comes in and sees Angela doing this but says nothing. Is this a dream too because the next thing you see is Angela on the couch going through pictures of the family and Henry is watching her from the doorway?

Tomas and Marcus are in Casey’s room praying to various saints. The demon speaks through Casey asking if that is all they have. Marcus tries to silence the demon. That’s doesn’t work so then Marcus tries the gentle exorcism the nuns do. That doesn’t work so Marcus goes back to yelling at the demon to let this woman go.

Henry asks Angela if she believes in God and whether our actions have consequences from a higher power. Angela sidesteps the issue and says I think we are both suffering from low blood sugar. We have to eat. Henry asks Angela if she ever lied to him. Angela ignores that too and instead asks for cooperation. Angela wants to know if Henry is blaming Casey’s possession on her. Angela says no it’s not my fault.

The demon is slowly starting to come out of Casey. First, it is her big toe. Then Casey starts speaking as Tomas’s grandfather. Marcus tells Tomas not to look at it and that it isn’t her. Tomas steps out to take a break. Marcus goes after him and tells Tomas he can do this. Then they hear screams from Casey’s room. She is being thrown all over the room. Good thing they put the mattresses up all over the room. She is speaking in the demon’s voice and I can’t understand her.

Somehow they get Casey tied down on one of the mattresses. You can see her pupils start to change.

Henry goes into the closet and notices a leak. He picks up a wet box and everything spills out of it. Henry starts looking through the items. One is a Bible with pressed flowers in it, a red feather, and an inscription.

Marcus is holding Casey who seems to be suffering terribly. The demon dressed as the old man is there and she asks him what he wants from her. The demon says bring her to me. Bring who to him?

Kat tries to talk Angela into taking Casey to the hospital where she can get professional help. Marcus come in and tells Angela and Kat that Casey is sleeping. Marcus tells Kat he wishes he had an older sister growing up as she could have kept him out of trouble. Kat asks Marcus if he really thinks he is helping. Marcus says he would never hurt Casey.

Tomas is washing off his face in the bathroom. Someone knocks on the door and calls to him saying come to me. So, Tomas goes down the hall and Casey has taken the form of Jessica who is begging him to look at her. She asks Tomas why he is so afraid to look at her. “Jessica” touches Tomas’s face and says she is so hungry. Then Casey comes back and says in the demon’s voice, I will make you forget God. Marcus hits Casey and the demon’s voice says that is more like it.

Marcus hauls Tomas out in the hallway and says he is no longer useful to him. He has been compromised. Kat looks into Casey’s room and asks if she is all right. They drag Kat away from the door. Tomas is out wandering around in the rain. He ends up at Jessica’s place.

Marcus asks the demon what his name is and what he wants. Marcus calls the demon a coward hiding behind a young woman. Marcus says pick on someone your own size. The demon again asks Marcus to bring her to me. Marcus calls for the spirit to be gone and that Casey doesn’t want him. Casey spits in his face. Marcus touches Casey’s forehead and asks for the blood of Christ to redeem her.

Jessica says her husband is away on business. Tomas kisses Jessica. Things get pretty passionate. They end up in bed together.

Marcus sees his mother who says she and his father had a hard but good life until Marcus came along. His mother says Marcus was a mistake. He was never supposed to happen. Marcus says don’t say that. His mom says he took their lives away. His mom says I should have lost you when I had the chance. Marcus again asks the demon if that’s all he’s got. The demon that calls for Marcus to come to them. Marcus calls for the unclean spirit to leave the girl. She screams.

Kat has called the police and they are banging on the door. Angela asks what she has done. The police break in and grab Marcus and handcuff him. They take Casey away on a stretcher. She is all beat up. Angela says this is a mistake. He is a priest. You can’t take her you’ll kill her. Henry is glaring at Kat and Angela. I can’t wait to see what happens to Casey wherever they take her. Casey looks at Kat and smiles as she is loaded onto the ambulance.

One of the police is talking to Angela and Henry and says they will take Casey to the hospital where she will get the best care and that they need to talk about what really happened that night. Meanwhile the ambulance has crashed into a tree and is all beaten up and the insides are torn up and there is blood everywhere. Casey runs off into the night. Now it has been two days that Casey has been missing. Marcus is in prison. The superintendent of the police say that no one will rest until Casey is home safe.

The black priest comes and gets Marcus out of prison. Marcus tells he needs to warn his holiness.

Angela is sleeping and wakes up calling Casey’s name. There is someone sanding in the shadows. It is Henry again asking Angela if there is something she needs to tell him. She says she is sorry she has been very selfish lately and hasn’t let him in. Henry lays the Bible down on the bed and says she needs to confess.

Tomas goes to his church and falls to his knees and confesses and prays. He accepts fault. He asks Mary and the saints to pray for him. He hears a door bang and gets up. He sees Angela at the church lighting a candle. They sit down to talk. Angela asks Tomas how do you know something is a lost cause. Then she goes on to say that her parents broke up when she was quite young. She didn’t see much of her father. She says she had an imaginary friend who could do just about anything and could get her to do just about anything. She says at first he made me feel special. She ran away and never saw her mom again. She changed her name to Angela like Angel thinking the name would protect her and she could have a life, a chance. She says it doesn’t matter. It’s coming for her. Her name is Regan McNeil.

A woman named Chris McNeil shows up on Henry’s doorstep and says she has come to see her daughter. That is the end of the episode.

What did you think? This is episode five. I wonder how long they will draw out the exorcism and what other secrets will be revealed.