Wolf Creek:Mini Series

Season 01 Ep.01: “Billabong” Ep.02: “Kutyukutyu”

If you saw the movie “Wolf Creek,” in 2005, then you’re familiar with Mick “The Toolman” Taylor. There was “Wolf Creek 2,” in 2013 and “Wolf Creek 3,” in the works. The reason I mention the movies when talking about “Wolf Creek: The Series,” is to let you know there is a history to the series. This is a six-part mini series, on POPTV Fridays, 10pm.


Based in part on the true story of “The Backpack Killer’ Ivan Milat, who killed well over 9 tourists in Australia in the 1990’s, “Wolf Creek” has plenty of material to draw from. Personally, I enjoyed the movies, because John Jarratt plays such a bastard, with such relish.

This is a review of episode one and two.

Translate that performance into a mini series and *Boom* instant hit. Except this is all about revenge. Mick preys upon travelers who have “car trouble.” He then takes them back to his place, an old mining camp, on the premise of fixing their car. He then murders them. In this case, it’s the Thorogood family.

Sitting around Mick’s fire, Robert Taylor, of “Longmire” fame, plays Roland Thorogood the dad, is the first to go. Then Mom Ingrid, followed by Eve’s brother then her sister. She is one of the few people to ever escape serial killer Mick Taylor. Mick is pissed and wants revenge. Eve is pissed and wants revenge. Who’s going to get who first?

Eve begins plotting by buying an old VW van, since she knows Mick preys on stranded motorists.  She then plots out her route to revenge. But Mick is plotting, too. No one escapes Mick Taylor. Especially the females. As she tries to figure out his hunting zones, she also makes people aware. Eve has a picture with Mick’s truck in the background.

Now, I love Aussies, but the ones who make a living in the Outback are rough characters. Eve has to duck and dodge a few who want to play grabby hands with her. But she learns that most people know Mick. He’s a bad hombre. In Fridays episode, Mick got knife blocked, as he was trying to get two tourists with car trouble back to his camp to “fix their car.” Instead some locals literally came to the girls rescue by fixing their car right then. Mick was not a happy serial killer.

Eve’s journey continues on Friday, at 10pm on POPTV.

What do I think? This is a great off shoot of the movies. While the movies are great, though very violent, and due to the subject of the film, the violence is justified. The violence is toned down some for the series, and some of it occurs off screen, you still know what happened. I love the fact that Greg McLean, who has done the movies, is at the helm for the series. He stays true to the course he laid in the first “Wolf Creek” movie.

Eve Thorogood, played wonderfully by the lovely Lucy Fry, makes for a great heroine. The last of her family, she intends to see Mick Taylor dead. On the other end of the stick is Mick himself. John Jarratt, as Mick Taylor is flatly mean and terrifying. But John Jarratt, the man and actor, couldn’t be nicer. 

If you want a good series to watch on Fridays, this is it. Catch up On Demand, then tune into “Wolf Creek: The series.”  Then tune into POPTV Friday night at 10pm to see how Eve gets revenge on Mick.