Blue Bloods: (S07E05) “For the Community”


This episode never fully captured my attention. There were about three main stories. One involved Erin and an illegal immigrant Coryna. Another involved Eddie, Jamie, & a Romanian gypsy fortune teller. The third involved Frank and the NYPD and their role in helping the U.S Marshalls get rid of a local gang.

Erin and Coryna

It turns out that Coryna is an activist working for tenant rights. She has quite a following. When is she is arrested this last time, it comes out that she is not a legal citizen. This is a hot issue in real life right now. The landlord she angered is not behind the charges. Coryna believes she IS a citizen. She tells Erin to go talk to her mom and get her birth certificate. Erin goes and talks to her mom and it turns out the woman who Coryna thinks is her mom is not her mom. This woman’s cousin had Coryna but she couldn’t raise her so she sent her to America with this woman. So no, Coryna wasn’t born in the U.S. and is not a U.S. citizen. To complicate matters, Coryna has a daughter.

Erin tells Coryna this and she is shocked. She never knew. Erin asks if there is anyone else who knew she wasn’t a U.S. citizen. She says they could talk to her ex husband. Erin goes to talk to him. He said one night Coryna’s “mother” was drunk and told him everything but he never told anyone, including Coryna. Erin thought he might tell to get custody of his daughter. He says no. He is in no condition to be a father. Someone in immigration services got to him and got him to tell for a reward. 

The best that Erin can do for Coryna is to have her tell the judge she was sheltered from the knowledge that she was not a U.S. citizen and see if they can find a path to citizenship for her.


Frank’s police department has been placed in a bad position with this planned raid on a local gang. The U.S. Marshalls want to completely get rid of this gang in one fell swoop giving the police department just a small role. By the end of the episode, Frank has switched it around to where the police department has a lead role.

Eddie and Jamie

Eddie and Jamie are going for a walk while off duty. Eddie wants to take Jamie somewhere. While walking Eddie turns around to look at a long-haired guy with an earring and she asks Jamie if he remembers which ear was pierced. Eddie then confesses that she sees a psychic who told her that her next love interest would have long hair and an earring in one ear. Eddie drags Jamie into the psychic shop which is right there. Adrianna, her psychic turns out to be just 16 years old. Jamie teases Eddie about taking romantic advice from a 16 year old. Eddie says they are born with the gift and you have to see her to understand. She said she knew things before she said anything. 

As it turns out, Adrianna’s father is there but Adrianna is not and he says she is with her boyfriend. They go track down Adrianna at her boyfriend’s house and he is 21. Eddie and Jamie seem to know some things about her boyfriend and they tell him that she is only 16 and if he goes on seeing her, he will have a lot of charges pressed against him. Her boyfriend kisses her goodbye on the street and says it’s all over. Jamie asks shouldn’t she be in school? Adrianna says she is home schooled. Jamie wonders why she is not at home doing lessons then.

After a few other twists and turns, Eddie and Jamie find Adrianna set up in another shop only she goes by a different name and pretends not to know who Jamie and Eddie are and claims she is not Adrianna and she give them a different name. She also has a new father. Hmmm…There is clearly nothing Eddie and Jamie can do so they let this one go. Eddie says she is done with psychics. 

That’s pretty much all there is to the episode. It wasn’t one of their best episodes. Hopefully next week’s will be better. What did you think of the episode?