This Is Us (S01E03) “Kyle”

The show just gets better and better and these two episodes proves that it’s literally the best new show of the fall.

In the episode, “Kyle” we dive into not only Randell’s past but his parents as there’s a secret on why his father never got to see him. Plus Kate has a hidden talent that Toby tries to make her show and Kevin comes to realizes that separation from his sister isn’t a bad idea.

I thought that this was an outstanding episode, one that truly gives the meaning of family drama with one word theme change. Change of the name, with Randell, change of scenery for Kevin, the change of bring a baby or babies home with Rebecca and Jake.

There were shocking moment when Rebecca and William met but it turned out that it wasn’t their first time meeting each other. That totally had me by surprise.

There were funny moments, like when Toby wakes up and hears Kate in the bathroom singing and when she opens the door she’s surprise and punches him in the face. That shows him not to ease drop on her or anyone again.

Even thought that everyone was amazing in each and every way, there was one that stood out and gave a great performance and that was Mandy Moore. This episode was her best so far.

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