Van Helsing (S01E06): “Nothing Matters”

This series is literally being a roller coaster of greatness! Every Friday I’m always looking forward to the next episode and can’t wait for the next one. But I still can’t believe in how bat-shit crazy this episode got especially with that crazy Catherine character but we will get more to that in a little bit. I think everyone is wondering why its taking longer for Vanessa to heal, and will Mohammad be okay out there now that hes armed but with no ammo? I guess we will get the answers soon but lets get to the episode!

In this episode: We continue where we left off with Vanessa (Kelly Overton) and Susan (Hilary Jardine) running away from a feral mutated vampire in the sewer system from Julius (Aleks Paunovic) lair. As the two are running through the sewers the mutated feral vampire attacks Susan, to protect her Vanessa pulls the vampire off; the vampire bites Vanessa in the leg which forces her to fall to the ground she then fights the vampire and stabs the vampire in the head with a poll. Vanessa is then trapped in her killing rage she lunges up and begins choking Susan. Susan hoping to reach Vanessa pleads for her life, Vanessa wakes up from her murderous rage but collapses on the ground with Susan holding on to her.

Meanwhile at the hospital: Catherine (Sarah Dejardins) and Callie (Macie Juiles) begin to wonder around the hospital to find out what all is around in the other parts of the hospital. The two young ladies come across a door that is locked with another door that has the words “Keep Out” written on there. Callie makes some jokes thinking that theres something awesome hidden behind the door. Catherine’s mind snaps when a booby trap gets released almost decapitating Callie. Catherine reports the booby trap news to Brendan (Terry Chen) Brendan then chooses to interrogate Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) to find out about all the booby traps. Axel gives off a smart ass reply where it sets Catherine off but Brendan’s guards begin beating Axel up.

Back in the sewers: Susan is helping carrying Vanessa out of the passage way, when the two come across a marked section with “5A” written on it, Vanessa then tells Susan they are almost close to where the Hospital base is so they can get to safety but have to stay under ground for the time being. Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) returns to Julius to report no body is found but the mutated feral must’ve killed Vanessa. But Julius doesn’t like the answer and goes into a murderous rage and returns to his lair.

Meanwhile at the Refugees plan to kill some vampires: Refugee #1 (Jason William Day) and the others are about to ambush one of the high leading vampires until they see Sheema (Naika Toussaint) begins looking in one of the rooms as if shes signaling to someone until Quaid (Jennifer Copping) came out with her hood up and leading the others further into the building. Refugee #1 didn’t trust Quaid and ordered her to turn around, Quaid turns around revealing shes a vampire, then three other Refugees turned vampire came out to kill the others. But the Refugees killed the turned ones; and took Sheema to a location.

Back at the hospital: Brendan and his group are having a nice quiet lunch, until Catherine chooses to go off on her own and chooses to take her little stabbing stick to start doing torture to Axel, Axel’s group starts panicking! Brendan saves the group by stopping bat-shit crazy Catherine from doing more bat-shit crazy things. Brendan assures Axel’s little group that everything will be okay, they will be safe. Brendan then talks to Catherine and Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) reads their lips to reveal they are going to execute them.

Back in the sewer: Susan tells a deep secret to Vanessa that she had a baby when she was younger and abandoned her own daughter with her father. Vanessa then thanks Susan for telling her about one of her deep dark secrets; Vanessa and Susan then get to the surface where they are a short few steps away from the hospital. Vanessa then explains to Susan she normally heals but isn’t doing so.

When Vanessa and Susan get into the hospital they are met by Brendan which then he has to go get Doc (Rukiya Bernard) to tend to Vanessa’s wounds. As Doc is tending to Vanessa’s wounds, Vanessa tells Doc about all the things that happened to her and Doc does the same to what happened to Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro). Vanessa then pleads with Brendan to not execute the rest of the team to let them go. But Brendan is refusing so. Vanessa then tells Doc the plan she has for getting the hospital back into their control.

Callie then visits Vanessa while shes resting from the horrible event. Vanessa then tells Callie they are going to play a game thats known as hide and seek. Callie then goes to hide, while Axel gets out of the prison cell, and begins to massacre everyone of Brendan’s group. Axel then comes to Brendan and bat-shit screaming Catherine who can’t even open a door when shes panicking. Brendan then said to Axel “it didn’t have to be this way” Axel then agrees and prepares Brendan and Catherine to be exiled. Vanessa then tries pleading with Callie to stay with the rest of them but Callie didn’t want to listen and chooses to run out with Brendan and Catherine; Susan tries retrieving Callie before the door shuts but its already too late.

In the end : Doc notices that Vanessa isn’t healing like how she normally does. So Doc takes a blood sample and analyzes it. While doing so Doc was about to ask Vanessa a question until she fell asleep so Doc cuts herself and begins loving the taste of blood again.

Next episode: Van Helsing (S1E7): For Me airs October 28, 2016