Z Nation (S03E06) “Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. If something characterises Z Nation, it’s fun and originality. Although the plot doesn’t move forward, this is an episode worth watching, it’s hilarious and crazy. It focuses on Doc and Doc always means fun.

Somehow our good Doc get lost in the woods, and while he’s looking for the rest of the team he is knocked up by an Elvis impersonator. When he wakes up he finds himself wearing a straitjacket and surrounded by a group of mental patients — Winona, Bob, Re-Pete, Elvis, Mr. Liddy, and some others— and their nurse. They welcome him to the Serenity Falls Institution for the Criminally Insane. The nurse tells him that if he proves to be a real doctor — by making a quick diagnostic of the patients — she’d remove the jacket. Of course Doc succeeds, he’s a psychologist.

The nurse then tells him she needs him to take a look to her newest patient, a young man she found recently who has been hallucinating, talking about a blue man and a mission to planet Zona. The new patient is no other than 10K.

Doc pretends not to know him, and tells the nurse the boy has 10K fever. She says that as 10K is a potential threat to himself and others, she has no other choice but to perform a lobotomy. Minutes later 10K starts seizing. The crazy nurse wants to perform the lobotomy as soon as possible, but Doc tells her that’s not gonna fix him, that 10K needs medication.

She informs him that all the medication is in the Z Ward, so Doc has to go get it. But he doesn’t go alone, Elvis helps him. While they are on their mission, 10K starts seizing again and the nurse starts preparations for lobotomy. Winona rushes to warn Doc, and he and Elvis arrive just in time to save 10K.

10k elvis doc - Z Nation (S03E06) “Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest”

Now that 10K is relatively better they try to escape from the asylum but the nurse, Bob and Elvis caught them. Elvis knocks them out and when they wake up they’re in the same room from the beginning, wearing straitjackets, surrounded by all the patients. The crazy nurse decides they are a threat for themselves and for others, so she’ll have to make them a lobotomy. Doc tries to reason with them, telling that soon zombies are going to break the barricade and kill them, but they don’t listen to him. When the nurse is about to perform lobotomy on Doc, Bob comes to the rescue, killing her.

Zs break in and now they have to find a way to escape. Re-Pete tells Doc there’s a bus but they have to go through the Z Ward. Before entering the Ward, Doc gives them a great motivational speech about working as team. Once outside, no one goes to the bus so Doc has to lead them one by one, but when he goes back for 10K the crazy group leave without them.

When Doc tries to stand 10K up, he discovers Murphy’s bite on him. This makes things personal for him, he promises to track Murphy, punch him, and make the vaccine by himself.

10k doc - Z Nation (S03E06) “Doc Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest”

  • I really want to see Doc punching Murphy, so I’ll be waiting for that episode.
  • I’ve fallen in love with this group of crazy people, I hope we see them again.
  • I wonder how the group is gonna react to his “new” 10K, and I hope Sun Mei can do something for him because I don’t like seeing him like this.