Bob’s Burgers (S07E03) “Teen-A-Witch”

Plot Summary:

Tina seeks the help of Mr. Ambrose after Tammy steals her idea for the annual Halloween costume contest; Bob tries to find out who is stealing his perfectly crafted pumpkins. The episode was aired on October 23, 2016 at 7:30pm EST on Fox.

When the episode begins we see Tina, Gene, and Louise walking to school discussing her excitement for the upcoming Halloween costume contest. Tina really has a good idea and wants to finally win the contest this year. But then Tammy comes down the street and over hears Tina and decides to steal Tina’s costume so she can win.

At lunch Tina decided that her costume was going to be a sand-witch. Tod o research she goes to the library and has a very enlightening conversation with Mr. Ambrose about being a witch. He helps her out by giving her a spell book where she finds some interesting spells.

After casting a bunch of spells to help her win the contest and Jimmy Jr’s heart, a spell for Louise to not have to turn her report in and a spell for Gene to have fish sticks for lunch two days in a row, Tina starts to get a big head. She ends up getting into a argument with the crossing guard, where she gets mad at Tina and curses her.

Tina then starts to freak out because she was cursed but she still wants to win the costume contest. Determined to win, Tina puts her costume together and heads down the catwalk unsure about what will happen to her.

Back at the restaurant Bob has carved a pumpkin to use as decoration for the sidewalk but Linda and Teddy doesn’t think he should put it outside because it might get ruined. Bob decides to not listen and puts the pumpkin outside. Later before he goes to bed he goes to bring the pumpkin in and it was missing.  After redoing ore pumpkins and having them all go missing he automatically thinks it’s Jimmy Pesto who stole them all.

After spending hours staring at Jimmy Pesto to catch him in the act Bob finally sees who stole his pumpkins.