Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E05): “Halloween IV”

Review: It’s Halloween! Which means that it’s time for the annual Halloween heist! Last year, Amy took home the crown in the awesome “Halloween III’ episode. This year, the detectives are competing for a plaque that reads “The Ultimate Detective/Genius”.

When the plaque gets locked in Amy’s old purple Caboodle storage box – formerly used to store scrunchies, report cards and pictures of a young Al Gore – the countdown begins. The caboodle gets placed at the center of the precinct and it’s up to Amy, Jake and Holt to be in possession of it before midnight.

Holt and Jake are determined to beat Amy, but Amy won’t let her title go without a fight. For the heist, the Nine-Nine is divided into three teams: Amy with Rosa, Holt with Boyle as an attempt to thwart Jake’s plans, and Jake with Gina. The only one who’s not feeling it, is Terry. But because the others think this means he must secretly be trying to snatch the winner’s plaque right out from under them, Scully and Hitchcock get assigned the task to watch Terry’s every move.

Jake’s plans for Charles are indeed thwarted by Holt’s move of getting Boyle on his own team. But when alone, Holt immediately dismisses Charles, knowing he’s too close to Jake to be able to trust him in winning the plaque. All he wanted was to mess with Jake.

And mess with Jake, he did. Because Jake’s plans involved a Charles body double, called Bill, played by an actor who looks like Charles’s long lost brother. And while Bill could play Charles, he’s certainly no Gina. But Bill in a Gina-wig with her hoodie and phone is gonna have to do. Jake and Gina use Bill as a stand-in, while Gina locks the doors to Holt’s office and the room Amy and Rosa are currently in. Jake, with a tophat and everything, quickly claims his prize, convinced there’s nothing Amy or Holt can do to get it from him…

Except there is. Jake seriously underestimates Holt’s determination to win, as Holt throws his computer screen through his window, destroying government property just like Jake says he’d never do. When Jake tries to have Gina make a run for it on her roller skates, it goes horribly wrong. She even loses a few front teeth!

Due to Gina’s accident, the Halloween heist is reset. Everyone but Jake – even Charles! –  agrees with this decision. Back to square one, the teams are again forced to come up with new ideas to get the plaque. Jake, now left with Bill as his partner – as Gina’s gone to the dentist – quickly loses his upper hand to Amy and Holt. And Holt, finally having come around to having Charles as a partner now that he’s gone against Jake, is now determined to unleash hell with him.

Rosa and Amy are, as always, a fantastic team. And this week, Rosa is down for all of Amy’s ideas to get the plaque, to Amy’s absolute delight. The ladies come up with a plan to steal the plaque by ordering a dozen pizza’s, causing mayhem in the precinct, while Rosa discreetly steals the plaque dressed as a pizza deliverer. Rosa and Amy store the plaque in Amy’s secret hiding location for her secret stash of stress cigarettes: the air vent!

But it’s no secret to Holt, who already figured out Amy’s secret hiding place! Boyle and Charles send in their secret weapon to get the plaque back: Cheddar, the dog, who Holt has been training to retrieve plaques. Cheddar goes right into the air vent to track it down and take it back to Holt! But, then, Jake and Bill question Charles about the plaque and it doesn’t take much for Charles to cave and tell Jake where they’ve stashed it: in the evidence room, hidden in a cold case evidence box.

Jake retrieves the plaque and he’s ready to declare himself the winner, but so are Holt and Amy. When everyone reveals that they have the plaque in their possession, they find out that they’ve been duped. There are suddenly three plaques and a quick use of blacklight shows them one word on every plaque: Heists. Are. Dumb.

Who else would say that but Terry, right? Or so everyone thinks. But, as they find out when they confront him in the interrogation room, Terry really was trying to do his job all along.

The actual culprit? Gina! Gina planned the whole thing! From her fake accident – she already lost those front teeth at a 4th grade birthday party – to the fake plaques, setting up Terry in the process. Gina even manipulated Holt into choosing Charles as his partner and wore the perfect disguise – one of Amy’s bland suits – to blend in at the precinct and replace the plaque with one of her fakes every time someone managed to snatch it.

Why? Because, while she’s not a detective, she’s certainly a genius. Perhaps the Ultimate Human/Genius!