Fresh Off The Boat (S03E01) “Coming From America”

In the season premiere of Fresh Off the Boat, they make a pretty good way of catching up from last season when Louis and his family have to get to Taiwan to attend to his brother’s (Gene, played by Ken Jeong) wedding.

Louis is shocked to see that Gene is successful and is marrying to a beautiful fiancee, Margaret, and gets jealous of moving to America and had to start all over.  Not only did Louis have issues but Jessica had difficultly dealing of how much has changed from what she remembered of her home country.

Trying to find the soup place that was all out and instead went to McDonald’s to trying to make a deal on a new Air Jordan shoes that turned out to be fake ones for Eddie to wear.

Along with Eddie’s shoes, he’s find it difficult to find a fax machine so he could contact Alison.

There were a few that stood out, like when Gene and his fiancee made a video of how they met calling it Ghost 2: The Story of Gene and Margaret making a better spoof of the Ghost films. Emery had difficult with the mosquitoes has they kept biting or as he calls it “kisses” his face.

But Jessica realizes that she loves her life in America and that she even misses bagels. They both come to realize that they’re Ghost, two people living in between separate worlds.

Louis comes to terms and wrote Gene a lovely message wishing him nothing but happiness.

As Louis and the family get home, they are overwhelmed. But when Alison comes over and tells Eddie it’s over, he explained that he couldn’t find a fax machine and couldn’t send a message. But she understood that but she was talking about a newspaper headline “Lakers Hit the Shaq-pot.”

This was a nice season premiere. It had laughs and a better version of Ghost, to be honest. There were some really good scenes like Louis and Gene messaging each other and Louis tells him how much he had spent to get back home for his wedding. Jessica struggles adjusting coming back. Even Eddie’s shoe spoof of an Ice Cube music video in certain landmarks wearing and sponsoring the shoes as it was only a dream and sees the shoes came apart.

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You can catch Fresh Off the Boat Tuesday nights at 9/8c on ABC.