Fresh Off The Boat (S03E02) “Breaking Chains”

In the episode, “Breaking Chains,” as school starts, Emery starts his first day of middle school, but Eddie has a few rules for him to follow. Plus Louis thinks that Jessica needs some help around the house as she express she needs some help.

This episode seem to be an average one at that, some was funny and some just wasn’t at times. The ones that stood out was Louis getting a house cleaner for Jessica.

I find Jessica to be hilarious expressing her anger about the situation also after accepting the cleaner and taking her home she asked her how she got the bleach stain off the coach. She replied that it’s a family secret and Jessica locked the doors and demanded her to tell her.

The middle school storyline was okay. Not my favorite and but it did have a little bit of humor. The idea of how Eddie and his friends should tackle their first day in a fantasy was funny.

Loved the two songs playing while Jessica was given the cleaner a ride home, “Zombies” from The Cranberries and “Un-Break My Heart” from Toni Braxton.

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