Once Upon A Time: (S06E05) “Street Rats”


As a result of Hyde’s death, Shirin’s true identity was revealed in this episode which was Princess Jasmine of Agrabah. The episode featured the story of how Aladdin became a savior. Princess Jasmine asked for Aladdin’s help to defeat Jafar, her father’s advisor, who’s destroying their kingdom. Princess Jasmine and Aladdin’s quest lead them to Aladdin gaining magic.

In the present time, the Oracle who showed Emma her vision, was found dead. The Evil Queen needed to find another way to know more about Emma’s condition. She kidnapped Archie and made herself Archie to talk to Emma. With this, Emma was forced to tell her family about her vision. They’re trying to find another way to save Emma from dying. While doing this, they also helped Jasmine from finding Aladdin in the hopes of he’s still alive.

One thing that I really like about this episode was the spa day of the Evil Queen and Zelena. It was fun to watch especially the fact that they’re gossiping about Gold’s new haircut. It really showed how the Evil Queen treating Zelena as her sister. It made them just like other siblings. I like the part where the Evil Queen talked about embracing who you are and not the, showing others who they wanted to see. It may be viewed as evil but it has something.

Another thing, when Emma thought that she can’t stop what’ll be her fate because they found Aladdin’s remains, Henry came to talk to her. Their conversation made Emma accept what will happen to her because being the savior gave her a family. It is really true that ending always suck in real life but it is how you live your life in the middle. For that reason, Aladdin showed-up and gave Emma the thing, a scissor that keep him from dying which he got from Jafar. As Regina has said, why does magic always have to be so literal? The future episodes will surely tell us what the story of the scissors is and how it helped Aladdin since Hook keep it secretly against what Emma wants. Now, I wonder if Aladdin is really was a savior or a villain. I can’t be sure about it because he can be either or both or not at all.