The Blacklist (S04E05) “The Lindquist Concern”

With Kirk’s doctor in tow, Red keeps hunting for the kidnapper, while Liz makes a startling discovery about her lineage.

This episode of The Blacklist starts off like any other, in a creepy warehouse with a murder. A mysterious figure kills a man who created an even more mysterious machine. Leaving the unnamed man to die a fiery death, our assassin makes a startling transformation from terrifying killer to a tardy office worker that slouches. Very strange.

Following the cold opening, we see Tom begging fr any lead that Ressler may have come across. Tom is, understandably, spinning his wheels in an attempt to find his daughter. Reluctantly, he gives Tom a “dead end” that leads to a Russian diplomat that uses his diplomatic immunity as a front for US operations for the Kremlin. With Tom stalking the Russian, he’s in full on assault mode to find his daughter, now more than ever.

Red is using… interesting tactics to get information out of Kirk’s hematologist (from the final moments of the previous episode) that will hopefully lead Red and the team to Kirk and Agnes. Enter Liz, and Reddington dropping the next Blacklister.

The Lindquist Concern is the organization that the team is going to leverage and put Agnes in their sights. The Concern is a group of people that kill inventors when companies see competition that would otherwise put them out of business. We also learn that Omar Najjar, the man who was killed earlier in the episode, was creating a revolutionary piece of technology that requires a chemical engineering background.

With the FBI hot on the trail of what Najjar was working on, The Lindquist Concern is looking for anything that may have been left behind after Omar’s untimely death, including his wife.

With the unnamed assassin striking yet again, Mona Najjar has staged her suicide, but there may still be a chance to find what Omar was working on in the form of an office romance.

As it turns out, Omar’s mistress knew that the machine was killed over was a revolutionary desalination process that converts seawater into clean drinking water. Definitely something more than a few big businesses would like to axe. However, the team has to hurry as our unknown attorney was stalking Omar at an inventor’s convention; and he’s on the prowl yet again.

With Tom blackmailing the Russian diplomat, the FBI has a real name on the killer: Silas Gouldsberry, a man employed at a patent clerk office. Given the raid on Gouldsberry’s apartment, the FBI is in a race to stop him from claiming his next victim, Riley Emerson.

While Emerson is safe, Gouldsberry is on the run, and he’s chosen to reek havoc on the office where he works. In a fit of  rage, Gouldsberry uploaded massive amounts of data; open-sourcing all of the patents his murderous activities led to.

Unfortunately, all of those plans are handed over to the evil Laurel Hitchin, who is still in league with Reddington, and of course, The Cabal.

As it turns out, the blackmail that Tom was getting wasn’t information on Agnes or Kirk’s whereabouts, but proof of Liz’s real father: who is in fact Alexander Kirk.

This was a cool episode. Hearing how corrupt corporations can be in the fact of a lower bottom line is, somehow, both infuriating and entertaining. While I can’t say I was a huge fan of The Lindquist Concern being so built up only to reveal it was mostly just one guy pulling all of the strings on screen, I did enjoy seeing cool inventions that the human race will see regardless of billionaires greed. I also thought it was interesting seeing the distrust between Liz and Red deepen with the progression of the episode. It seems that Red lies more than expected. 6.5/10