The Vampire Diaries (S08E01) “Hello Brother”

The Vampire Diaries has returned for it’s eighth and final season premiere this past Friday. This weeks episode was a great start to the final season. Damon and Enzo are together and are being forced to find the most evil people they can to be sacrificed to this new unknown evil. Throughout this Damon has decided to flip his humanity switch so he doesn’t have to feel anything, while Enzo seems to keep his humanity and be trying to get Bonnie’s attention for help. Whether or not Enzo realizes it, I’m not sure. His subconscious could be doing this without him knowing it.

When the episode starts we see Bonnie trying to deal with the fact that Enzo is gone and that her powers have not returned to her. We see flashbacks of her past with Enzo as he helps her with a guitar and talks about a book she should read. After a while Bonnie and Stephan go on a lead to where Damon and Enzo could be. When they take a look at the disturbing scene Bonnie starts to piece together things about the disturbing scene that seem familiar to her.

We see Caroline and Alaric trying to deal with raising twins together, keep them safe and helping Stephan find Damon and Enzo. Alaric is hard at work at the armory trying to figure out what this tunnel has to hide and ends up finding a mysterious room filled with artifacts. While he is busy Caroline is home trying to fight and get answers from an Virginia but she ends up not being much help.

Before Virginia invades Caroline’s home to kill or take her daughters,  Caroline uses her connections to help Stephan and Bonnie figure out what is going on with Damon and Enzo. When Stephan and Bonnie arrive on the scene he gets a call from Caroline letting him know of  a river that was in the news recently because it ran red with blood. She tells him about the slaughter house not far from there where he goes and finds his brother.

Stephan tries his best to convince Damon to stop all this and come home but it doesn’t work in the end. Bonnie and Stephan leave Damon and Enzo at the slaughter house with a lot of unanswered questions about what was in the vault that is possessing Damon and Enzo. But Bonnie does leave with hope. Hope that they can still be saved. As the episode comes to an end Bonnie realizes what the signs Enzo leaves her mean. He was telling her what the new evil is in the hopes they can help him become free.