This Is Us (S01E04) “The Pool”

In the episode “The Pool” this episode was another outstanding piece.

On a hot day, Jack decides to take Rebecca and the kids to the pool on one of the hottest day as their air conditioner wasn’t working. This was one of my favorite story lines of the episode. It shows the idea of what going to the pool with the kids in the summer is all about and the reason why I stopped going. But Jack tries to handle things but isn’t doing to well, mostly not paying attention to Kevin, who almost drown in the pool.

Kevin auditions in New York City and after gets the role, even though it pissed off the leading award winning actress, because he can sale tickets.

Randell and William storyline had the perfect balance of drama and humor. The one scene was when Randell took William cloth shopping and as he talks to him about the difference between him and William, he goes to telling him to try on a pair of pants.

Kate finally got to see what the real Toby, if he’s not trying to make her feel good. After seeing his ex-wife, Kate goes her way to check her out and accidentally goes to the store, where she works, and gets a job as a researcher. That didn’t sit well with Toby and he tells her how she hurt him by cheating on him and that his divorce caused him to gain a lot of weight.

This was another amazing episode, but not only did the writing and acting was great, but the music selection was outstanding and fit the tone of the episode so well. I just hope that they would come out with a soundtrack after season one.

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