Designated Survivor (S01E02) “The First Day”

What I like about the second episode is that they don’t waste time and the didn’t do something like skip to a week or month later. It was great to see it run that way. I really liked seeing Kiefer’s character seem to be more aggressive this week. Here’s my recap of episode two.

News doesn’t think Tom is a good fit and can’t handle being president at this time. Goes into a meeting where everyone thinks their opinion is the right one and no one is stand by down. Causes Tom to have a little anxiety attack where he had to leave the Oval Office to calm down. Once able to regain his composure he makes some big decisions. Now with the government in ruins The president’s speech writer, Seth, gets stopped by the police while on the walk to work at the White House. On the news they see a town in Michigan is taking charge by arresting people just because they share a certain religion. Tom tries his best to get Michigan’s Governor to stop what he’s doing but he doesn’t see Tom as the president and ignores his orders.

As he is walking with his staff and talking about how he wants to return the many ph be calls he has gotten but is shortly interrupted when he meets the Democratic designated survivor. 

The FBI team is still going through the ruble that is the Capital. They are trying to figure out who attacked the cabinet and why there was a bomb that did not explode. When they come up with a possible suspect to who is responsible Tom doesn’t like that they are basically guessing. He tells them to keep looking and come back to him when they know 100% who is responsible. At this time they have only found 900 plus dead from the attack. 

Tom has decided that he wants to give his respect to the men and women who have passed and thank the first responders at the scene. He can’t believe how much has changed in the past 24 hours. He takes a moment to take in what has happened. After he meets with the FBI team to talk about what is going on and who is behind this. Shortly after he gives a speech to the public, unaware about the recent reports on events happening in Michigan. As reporters start asking questions the secret service team sees a man who is acting out of the ordinary and reaching in his jacket. Not knowing what he’s grabbing for they stop him and wrestle him to the ground. Then the somber scene turns into a frenzy and Tom and his wife are hurried away.

When Tom gets back to the White House he meets with lawyers to see what he can do about the governor of Michigan. He wants answers that can help and not hurt his presidency. Meanwhile the First Lady is trying to be there for Tom but has to handle raising her kids. She needs her son to grow up more now that everything has changed. 

When Tom finally get Michigan’s government he makes him release everyone they have arrested and sets him in his place. He then talks with Seth about what happened with the police this morning and offers a ride home from the secret service, but he turns it down. As Seth walks home he sees a candlelight vigil and pays his respects. Tim decides to return to the capital and try to fix what happened when he tried visiting earlier. As he was leaving we saw the FBI working hard in the tent and hear a rescue worker yell out they found a survivor.