Family Guy: (S15E04) “Inside Family Guy”

This week’s episode takes viewers back stage and into a typical production day. With James Woods as the guide; the outcome is predictable. Peter gets fired, hits the skids, recovers and goes home.

Stewie makes a phone call disguised as a concerned worker and calls “The Powers that Be” where he complains of the difficulties working with the self-proclaimed star. During Tuesday’s table read, the script reveals Peter “shot himself in the head” and he’s dead. Yes, Peter is dead and not like Brian dead. Peter is replaced by the outrageous Uncle Ricky, voiced by David Spade; while we see the ups and downs of Peter’s experiences away from the show and his family. 

However, in the end, Peter gets his job back.  Surprisingly his dismissal and rehire is a weekly occurrence. The diva known as Peter is periodically written out for bad behavior. He apologizes and a 2nd script surfaces, bringing us full circle and back to “the family guy” This all apparently happens within a week, so I wonder if the “bullet in the head” even aired.

 The loose end being new hire, David Spade is tied when Peter arranges to have Sophia Vergara deported.  Spade shows up as Gloria in Modern Family, complete in a dress, heels and accent.  We also learn David Spade is, (according to this show), “The Sitcom Buzzard” Apparently the actor, stand- up comedian, writer and TV personality is always working…or  perched waiting to do so

 I must say it was nice to see some backstage activity in this long running series. Giving props to the backstage crew and all who help put it together was respectfulappropriate and appreciated. Yet my “didn’t see it comin” was during a clip of Lois.  She’s severely bald! With her wig on a head stand, she sits casual and comfortable with little or no more hair than Stewie!  What?! It was perfect. The candid shot made this animation feel “real” in that moment.