Legends of Tomorrow (S02E02) “The Justice Society of America”

Following the events of episode 1, The Legends meet the Justice Society of America, the most secret organization of metas our nation has ever known.

Starting off episode two, we have the deadly assassin (and one of my favorite Berlanti-verse characters) Sara Lance recapping last season.

As the episode opens, we see the Society approach out Legends, almost looking for a fight. With Commander Steel throwing the first punch (towards his own grandson no less), a pretty awesome fight scene ensues that has the society coming out on top thanks to their exceptional team work and skill.

Back at the JSA Headquarters, the team is in a jail cell waiting for a chance to explain how they know Rex Tyler; who doesn’t seem to know who the Legends even are, much less believe their story about time travel.

Over to Occupied Paris in 1942, we see some suspicious red lightning meeting with Baron Krieger a shady park. Where else would Eobard Thawne be meeting some of the most insane men in Hitler’s regime? The two talk about a mysterious item that is in Berlin that Adolf refuses to part ways with; but the Reverse Flash is willing to make a trade for something much more valuable. RF hands over a glowing vial that promises to make the person who takes it a super soldier.

With The Legends out of their holding cell, Rex really has no clue who they are. As Sara tries to explain, she’s interrupted by Rex who was addressing the “team leader”; naturally the old white physicist. Dr. Stein gets a bit of an ego boost that he probably shouldn’t have gotten in the first place.

In a flashback, we learn that Rex phased out of sight (existence maybe?) before he could say who or what the Legends were fighting back in the 40s.

Exit flashback to Commander Steel being a bit of a jerk to his yet to be grandson, and more of Dr. Stein being complimented on his leadership qualities. I’m sure there won’t be an consequences from this event… With the JSA being told they have a new mission from President Taft, the Legends are off and their 40s counterparts are off to track down one Baron Krieger.

Back on the ship, we see Sara almost sarcastically votes Dr. (now Captain) Martin Stein to be team leader, who suggests that everyone address the subject of the historian in the room. Still a little jarred from meeting his grandad, Dr. Haywood gets told he is not only not on the team, but also getting sent back to 2016.

According to Dr. Haywood’s notes, the entire team, including his grandfather, dies in the attack.

Back in Paris 1942, Dr. Stein apparently has a passing resemblance to Max Lorenz, one of Hitler’s favorite singer. Using that as a cover to find the Baron, and by extension, the JSA, the team head for a night club Krieger has been known to frequent and run into Vixen (“animal lady”. Oh Atom. You never fail to get a laugh out of me.)

As always, the team runs into trouble in the face of General Gerd Von Runstedt, who must insist on a performance. And a punch in the face for being a huge racist. With “Max Lorenz” on stage, Dr. Stein not only knocks it out of the park, but also drops a pretty awesome Back to The Future reference (like there wasn’t going to be one).

Just when they were almost out of the woods, General Von Runstedt was moved to tears by Dr. Stein’s singing, but not so much when it came to Dr. Palmer not saluting the Fuhrer. Naturally, DOES he gets punched in the face. Nothing quite like a 40s brawl with Nazis! At least the team knows where to catch the Baron and the item that RF is asking for, the Askara Amulet.

Back on the ship, we see that the JSA finally believes in the whole time travel thing as well as allowing them to join in on the mission. With Dr. Stein becoming visibly nervous over the leadership role, Sara tries to check in on Dr. Haywood, only to deduce his hemophilia.

With Krieger running to a quiet spot to inject the serum that the Reverse Flash gave him, Dr. Stein is fumbling in his leadership duties, only to have Vixen and Atom be captured while the team is forced to retreat due to the “super Nazi” Krieger. Thankfully, the Askara Amulet the Nazis were transporting to Thawne is safe aboard the Waverider.

With Dr. Stein finally fed up of the leadership role, he stands up for Sara who has a plan to not only save Atom and Vixen, but also stop the Nazis from attaining more super serum.

With “a man made of fire” attacking the base, the team is reunited, but Herr Krieger is still wreaking havoc, all while chasing down the Haywood men on a motorcycle Last Crusade style.

While the bombers are taking out the base and Krieger, Dr. Haywood is also wounded, which is made worse by his hemophilia. Thankfully, Dr. Palmer is a very smart man who likes to tinker with super serums.

With the JSA in possession of the amulet, Reverse Flash makes his way into their headquarters, and we learn why Rex Tyler traveled back in time, but also why he disappeared from 2016; RF phased his hand into Rex’s chest, erasing him from existence.

As Eobard takes the Askara Amulet, Vixen hears Rex’s final words: “time traveler”.

Oh man, this was a big episode. Not only did we see some big name JSA members in a live action show (who haven’t been on the small screen since Smallville), but we also go to see foreshadowing with a new member being added to the Legends; Nate Haywood. As with any episode of Legends, there was awesome fight scenes, more than enough comedy, and Firestorm and Mick being Firestorm and Mick. The mystery of what the Reverse Flash and Damien Darhk are plotting only deepens with every passing episode, each move more maniacal than the last. On a lighter note, I do hope that Jefferson keeps up with his crush on Stargirl. 7.5/10