Lethal Weapon: (S01E05) “Spilt Milk”

Review: This was another mirror episode but instead of mirroring the partnership it was about presenting someone much like Riggs but showing what can happen without the kind of support system Riggs had and what may happen now that that support system is gone. He is working on a new support system in this new environment but he is still coping badly with the lose of his previous support system. 

Riggs is talking to his shrink a little more. Still totally sassing her but she can bite back which is probably why he’s been opening up more. He sees that she’s not planning on backing down. 

Riggs mirror is a fellow Seal who spirals after not getting a job as a security officer. In his defense, the hiring manager was a condescending bastard and under normal circumstances maybe he wouldn’t have reacted by assaulting the current security officer and stealing some jewelry. (He gave it away to a homeless person.) These were not normal circumstances because he was under the influence of an experimental drug. The drug was having terrible effects on the Vets that were being prescribed the medication and he decided it was his mission to take down the company. So really…he’s robin hood. 

Murtaugh tried to use this case to gain some insight into Riggs and to a certain extent he did. He learned that Riggs is tethering on a line he can not begin to comprehend. The only thing he can do is be there for his friend when he need him. 

Buss laugh moment of this episode: When Murtaugh walks in on his wife and her new assistant and immediately becomes jealous. Her new assistant is a very handsome, younger man and he was not having it. He did not respond as an angry, jealous husband but rather a funny jealous husband. Those two have such a good relationship he didn’t think she was cheating he just wanted it to be known that he is jealous, which makes his wife laugh. 

Punched in the feels moment of this episode: When Riggs bonds with his mirror and you can see or rather feel that he feels for the guy. Riggs knows that the roles could very easily have been reversed and he wants to do everything he can to help a fellow Seal out. 

Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode:  I feel like to a certain extent these situations are happening with Vets. I don’t fully understand how a country who touts patriotism as one of it’s defining features can do something as unpatriotic as shun it’s military personnel when they return home. 

Looking forward to a mirror episode for Murtaugh. 

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