Scorpion: (S03E05) “Plight at the Museum”


Scorpion opens with the wedding of Happy and Walter six years ago. They are telling Toby about the wedding.  Both Walter and Happy looked so unhappy during the wedding. Then the judge says they can kiss and it is just a peck so Toby goes, aha so you did kiss. They said it’s not like we enjoyed it. They show Toby a fake book of honeymoon pictures in Tahiti. They had them photoshopped. Toby says the sooner they can prove this marriage is a fake the sooner Walter and Happy can divorce and Happy and Toby can marry. Toby is being kind of overbearing in how Happy should eat to nurture their baby. Toby says Walter needs to divorce Happy as soon as possible. Cabe says he asked INS to fast track his citizenship as he is a contractor and needs to be able to move in and out of the country easier. Walter says this would cause further scrutiny so it is best for him to just get his citizenship through normal channels. Toby gets mad and says Walter only thinks of himself. Walter tells Cabe to go ahead and see what he can do.

The team is called to the Los Angeles Natural History museum for a case. They need to figure out why one of their pillars is deteriorating. Toby says they will identify the issue and stop it from happening again. The team has to be locked into the museum overnight. I am not exactly sure why. Toby forgot to bring one of the chemicals he needs. Paige says she will drive him back to headquarters. While they wait, the team scatters to explore various areas of the museum.

Sylvester goes to visit the birds of prey. He notices that one of them is issuing a distress cry. Cabe is looking at the weapons. Why am I not surprised? He sees one out in the open but it has a sign that says do not touch so what does Cabe do? He touches it of course. LOL! Sylvester calls Cabe but Cabe doesn’t answer. He discovers two security guards out cold. He says they have to get out of there. Sly is looking for keys on them but can’t find them. Sly says this is bad. Cabe hears something and asks if it is Sly? No, it is another guy with a weapon who attacks Cabe. Cabe overpowers the guy and he puts the guy in stocks. Cabe says there are other bad guys in there. They need to tell Walter and Happy they are in trouble. Meanwhile two guys are tying up Walter and Happy.

Walter says those guys knew they were coming and they did something to the pillar so the team would be called in. They knew the security system would be shut off. Walter tells Happy those two guys think they are the only two people in there. Cabe and Sylvester see the bad guys stealing some exhibits. They look for a way out and come to an iron gate. Sylvester says they can’t lift it.

Paige and Toby are at Scorpion headquarters. He confesses about lactating. Paige says what is going on. He says he is worried because Happy is not the nurturing type. Paige says she is raising Ralph alone and there will be two of them raising that baby so they will be fine. Toby tells Paige if they are half the parents she is the kid will be lucky. Oh, how sweet.

All the communication systems are down in the museum. Sylvester writes a note to attach to one of the birds of prey to take to Scorpion headquarters.

While Happy and Walter are trying to get out of their bonds Cabe comes to the rescue. They escape through the heating and cooling air ducts but not before the bad guys see them in the air ducts. Not good.

Paige and Toby are driving back to the museum. Toby is nervous that his baby will be stupid so Paige has to give him another pep talk.

Sylvester figures out a way to get the bird to Toby and Paige even though they are on the move. Cabe attaches the message to the bird and breaks the glass ceiling so the bird can fly. Cabe says this will bring attention to us. He is right. The bad guys appear and Sylvester, Happy, Cabe, & Walter run.

They come to a room with rats. Walter tells the others to run. He has an idea with the rats. He shoves over their cages slowing down the bad guys. Meanwhile Toby and Paige have stopped for some food that he thinks Happy should eat. Paige tells Toby to listen to what Happy wants to eat and get that for her. Meanwhile the bird of prey has just descended on Toby and Paige. Paige finds the note. Paige says they have to call homeland.

They try to figure out what the bad guys want. Walter figures out they want the metal from the asteroid at the museum. The leader tells them to focus on their work, not the runaway scientists. Walter says the metal can be used in nuclear weapons. Sylvester and Happy explain to Cabe what the bad guys might want to make and it is dangerous. Walter says the only way to stop the bad guys from stealing the goods is for them to steal it first. Cabe says they can use an old war strategy of making it sound like there is a huge army in the museum even if there isn’t. That might scare them off. It works. The bad guys leave the asteroid. They soon figure out they have been tricked. Happy is trying to get out of the asteroid what they need but she can’t do it. She asks if there is a backup plan. Somehow Walter is able to get out what they need.

Meanwhile there are a bunch of cars with sirens headed toward the museum. Cabe takes a weapon. He unties a big statue that bangs into the bad guys and knocks them out.

Walter and Happy are hiding waiting to be rescued. Walter says he will do whatever is necessary to save Happy’s baby even if that means he has to go home to Ireland. Happy says no. You are home. Walter tells Happy even though their marriage isn’t real, Happy has been a great wife and thanks her. She says you are welcome. Oh, what a touching moment.

Paige and Toby have reestablished communication and they have backup so they are trying to get in the front door. Walter has the stuff from the asteroid and tells Happy to stay hidden as he runs for the front door. The bad guys meet him and steal the stuff.

Walter has another plan. Of course. He makes a torch and goes down into a pathway underneath the museum.

Paige is on the roof. Walter leaves his homemade bomb in the pathways. He escapes and the bad guys are caught as they come out of the underground pathways. The cops and Toby are there to arrest them.

Back at Scorpion headquarters Toby thanks Paige for the advice. He says he has just never been a parent before. Paige says to ask questions anytime. Happy is working on something and Walter brings Happy a divorce gift. It is a little blue hat for her baby. The hat is supposed to prevent radiation. Walter tells Toby that he cares about his family and he is sorry that he held back on getting his citizenship papers. Toby says it’s OK. Toby promises to not be such a pain about the pregnancy anymore. Toby says he will get her whatever he wants. Happy sends Toby on a mission for pie from a stand 45 miles away.

Then someone from INS comes and wants to interview Walter and Happy about their marriage. They put their arms around each other. The lady wants to know why they have had separate addresses. Happy says she is an engineer so she uses an apartment to store spare parts. The inspector seems like a tough gal. Toby says their performance was terrible. Toby tells Walter and Happy they have to step up their game and learn everything about each other. Toby wants Happy and Walter to live together so the next thing you know, Walter and Happy are in bed together with Toby lying on the floor next to the bed to keep an eye on Happy. LOL! The end.