Supergirl (S02E03) “Welcome To Earth”

With the strange Kryptonian finally awake, the President of the United States (played by former Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter) is in National City to sign a historic law to allow all non-Earthlings rights.

Immediately after our unknown Kryptonian wakes up, he slams Kara against a wall and attacks the DEO agents coming after him. Surprised by his own strength, he leaps out of a building in a single bound and scatters off into the city before Alex can put a trace on him.

With J’onn in a bad mood from the escapee, him and Alex tell Kara that the President of the United States Olivia Marsdin, is coming to town to tour the DEO, making Kara a big excited ball of nervousness. President Marsdin is signing the Alien Amnesty Act into effect to allow aliens to have all the rights of Earthlings, something not quite supported by J’onn or Alex.

At Katco, James is dealing with Snapper taking over the morning briefing and making him look like a poor leader, but sending investigative reporter Kara Danvers to interview Lena Luthor to see what the new head of LCorps thinks of the monumental decision.

At the landing of Air Force One, Kara geeks out with a young girl over seeing the President, right before several members of the Secret Service get flambeed by an unknown source. Thankfully, Kara was able to save the President from the assailant.

While Kara continues to nerd out over her new elected best friend, Alex discovers that the burn patterns from the crime scene are consistent with heat vision, something we know is a Kryptonian power.

Enter Detective Maggie Sawyer, National City’s own member of the Science Division. Essentially a mini-DEO. After some vague departmental threats, Detective Sawyer shows off her alien knowledge, leaving Alex a little taken back at how much she knows about extraterrestrials.

Now that the President is inside the DEO, she seems to almost respect J’onn for keeping the form of Hank Henshaw, but hopes her new Alien Amnesty Act will change that for aliens all over the world. However J’onn thinks that aliens will take advantage of that kindess and use it for nefarious means.

“What if it’s false hope?” “It’s hope J’onn, how can it be false?” Damn, that’s a good quote.

With Kara interviewing Lena Luthor (“That’s fine, I flew here… on a bus…” loving the quotes this episode), Lena pulls out an alien detection device that she wants in every store in America. Kara, visibly upset over the concept of the device, fries it with her heat vision in an attempt to show she’s human.

Alex, hot on the trail of the missing Kryptonian (thanks Winn!), discovers where the alien ditched his DEO assigned medical bracelet, only to find that Det. Sawyer already there, and accusing her of being DEO.

After the losing the only Kryptonian lead, Sawyer calls Alex offering her a chance to see how aliens are dealt with on a city scale.

Back at Katco, Kara gets taken apart by Snapper due to her biased article. Kara learns that reporting is about facts. Who, what, when, where, why. Despite him having a point, Kara is furious with Carr. Along for the ride is James, who is just as mad due to the way Snapper directed everyone despite not being the boss.

In meeting up with Det. Sawyer, we see Alex an alleyway that seems to be the entrance way to a alien speakeasy. Visibly freaked out, Alex almost draws her firearm only to be stopped by Maggie. Maggie also shows off her skills in social settings since the bartender is her ex. One of the patrons of the bar tells Alex and Maggie that the wayward Kryptonian is searching for a way to send signals out into space.

While scanning for deep space signals, Winn discovers that the Kryptonian isn’t trying to send a message to Krypton, but another nearby planet: Daxam.

Rushing off to deal with the Daxamite, Kara seems to be at odds with her previous remarks about giving all aliens the benefit of the doubt.

The newly capture Daxamite is contained and with J’onn explaining that Daxam is a sister planet of Krypton, Kara draws the similarity to the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s between the two planets. According to Kara, a bloody war was fought because “Daxam started it” and there was a feud ever since.

The scene between a Daxamite and a Kryptonite, was particularly enlightening, with Kara visibly frustrated.

In a meeting with Lena Luthor, we see Kara eating some crow and admitting she was wrong about all aliens deserving the benefit of the doubt.

With the President about to sign the Alien Amnesty Act into law, our real culprit who has been trying to kill the President comes out of hiding. She not only sets Supergirl on fire but also kidnaps Det. Sawyer (and gives Supergirl a chance to pull the iconic Wonder Woman spin).

Alex has a positive ID on the attacker. The fiery redhead (no shame in my bad jokes) was the one who bumped into Alex as she was leaving last time was the true culprit, not the wrongly accused Daxamite. Being a total badass at the bar, Alex gets a name from a bartender. Off to the foundry!

Maggie being all tied up by the heat vision wielding, she is thankfully saved by Supergirl distracting her while Alex cuts her down. Naturally, Supergirl does something super, while Maggie goes in for the KO. Not heroes wear capes.

Putting on his bossman shoes, James not only rewrites the piece Carr wrote, but really shows him who’s boss when to comes to Katco magazine. He even offers Carr a chance to quit, but Carr admits defeat.

With Kara and the newly named Daxamite, Mon-El, finally being friendly, Mon-El gets the bad news that both Daxam and Krypton are now no more.

As the President thanks J’onn and Supergirl for all they’ve done, we see President Marsdin is not 100% human.

In the final scenes, J’onn goes to the alien speakeasy in an effort to show his true form and be comfortable being a Martian on Earth, only to see a troubled bartender, seemingly put off by his appearance. When he runs after her he learns she is the last daughter of Mars, M’gann M’orzz.


Just when I think there’s nothing I can be more excited by in Supergirl, an episode like this comes along and blows me away. While I always enjoy seeing characters like Maggie Sawyer show up, and the awesome Lynda Carter talking about her “other jet”, seeing M’gann M’orzz on my screen made me geek out almost as much as when Hank became J’onn. She’s an awesome character and I can’t wait to see her character become what she is known for in the comics. Also, I’m guessing I’m not the only one that picked up on the definite chemistry between Alex and Maggie. Also heavily featured in the comics, Maggie is dating (and almost marrying) Kate Kayne aka Batwoman. (Hooray for unnecessary information.) I love it when DC cities are bought up in the shows. It be cool to see Kara and Mon-El have more scenes together. She should have someone outside the DEO to talk to. All in all, it was a fantastic episode. Made Kara more weary of alien threats, but pushed J’onn and Alex to be more open minded to aliens who only want to make a life here on Earth. 9/10