The Odd Couple: (S03E02) “Food Fight”


Felix walks Emily to work for her first day back to work at Langford’s. Oscar doesn’t want to share his food with Danny and Wendell so he licks all of his French fries. The restaurant owner comes to talk to Oscar who he calls him his favorite customer and who will eat anything fried. Oscar says it’s because everything tastes so good here. The owner says it’s because we haven’t changed the oil in 30 years. The owner says he is thinking of closing Langford’s. Oscar, Dani, and Teddy list many reasons they don’t want Langford’s to close.

Oscar comes home and tells Felix who says may she rest in grease. LOL! Oscar says he wishes he knew someone with money who could help. Perhaps someone with a girlfriend who would be out of a job. Felix says he always thought about being in the restaurant business.

Felix has given the owner the money he needs to upgrade the kitchen at Langford’s. Felix is cleaning up everything in the restaurant. The owner says he will take the weekend off as he has to go visit his sick daughter. Does this mean Felix will be in charge? Felix suggests some changes and the owner says do whatever you want. Felix has never been happier.

Felix is giving Emily and the other waitresses instructions in how to be a good waitress. Oscar is going to go graffiti the bathroom wall that Felix just repainted. LOL!

The second night of the weekend Langford’s is packed as one of Felix’s friends from the night before gave the restaurant a good internet review.

Teddy, Dani, & Oscar come back the second night and someone is sitting at their regular table. Some of their favorite food and beverages are missing. Felix turned the TVs off so that people would actually talk to each other. Oscar tells Felix he has ruined Langford’s. Felix says I have saved Langford’s like you have asked me to. Oscar says I asked you to write a check, not Felix it up. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Oscar invites some of Langford’s customers to come watch the game at his apartment so there is a bunch of people in their apartment. Emily comes up to the apartment and says she is so tired from working so hard but she wants to work on her jewelry website. Instead, they end up making her wait on them at the apartment. Felix comes in later and asks who these people are. Oscar says they are people who hate what Felix did to Langford’s. Felix says I am exhausted and you don’t even know half of these people. Oscar yells at Felix and tells him he took his home away from him and now he is taking Langford’s away from him. One of the guys suggests calling the apartment Langford’s north after Oscar announces that they can come over every night for food and TV. Felix says he is going to bed.

The next morning the place is a mess and Dani is cleaning up. Felix refuses to help on principle. Dani asks Felix if she and Oscar can settle this. It’s been four days. Dani says one of them is going to have to be the bigger person and both of them know who that is. Oscar comes in and Felix asks if they can talk. Oscar says no, he is busy preparing for the night as Langford’s north. Oscar asks Felix if they can use Langford’s men’s room and install a urine trough. Felix says no.

Oscar and Dani talk and Oscar admits he doesn’t like having his place trashed every night. Dani tells Oscar someone has to be the bigger person here and she thinks he knows who it is.

Felix comes down to Langford’s and tells Emily she is using the wrong napkins for a week day. The owner comes back in and says the restaurant lost $3,200 over the weekend. He says he wants his old customers back who are unhappy and drink. Felix’s customers are too happy to drink. The owner says from now on Felix is a silent investor.

The doorman comes in and says they have a noise complaint and he has to shut down Langford’s north. Felix and Emily enter the apartment and Oscar says you will be happy to know that I have decided to close down Langford’s north just to make you happy. Felix says he is stepping away from Langford’s.

Teddy comes in with a bunch of guys and Oscar announces Langford’s north is closed for good. Felix says they can do it one more night.

Everyone is down at Langford’s and the owner says to Felix, no hard feelings, and Felix agrees. Emily delivers Oscar some fries and Oscar says they taste like the old fries. The owner says he found the oil in a barrel out back. Felix says that he recycled the oil. They wonder for a minute where this oil came from but then Teddy says who cares and everyone agrees they don’t care. Ew gross. Where DID that oil come from? That is the end of the episode. It was a pretty cute episode.