The Strain (S03E09) “Do or Die”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. I can summarize this episode in one word: amazing. There are a couple of deaths, characters I personally am going to miss: Feraldo, Kowalski, and Angel. I’d like to have seen more of Angel. Justine was fearless until the end, and Kowalski was the most loyal man in the planet. The three of them die fighting. Palmer finally stops playing in the shadows and confronts Eichhorst. The team for once have a solid chance to defeat the Master. Next episode is gonna be epic!

This week flashback is about Palmer. We learn that he was the bastard son of a businessman who didn’t really cared about him. Eldritch asked him for a job in his company, more precisely, a position in the investment department, but his father denied him the job. Instead, he gave him a ten thousand dollars check, and warned Eldritch that was the last check he’d be getting from him.

Feraldo tries to motivate the few men she has left, but they decide to give up on their mission and leave the city. Only six stays with her. She has to face the facts that the seven of them are going to die if they decide to stay. Feraldo follows Kowalski suggestion and they go to a safe zone in Jersey.

On their way to Jersey, strigois attack them. Gus and Angel, who are there by chance trying to get out the city, helps them. But strigois keep coming, Feraldo and Angel die fighting until their last breath, and the only survivor of this fight is Gus.

Palmer visits one of the few people he can trust, a man named Bob, and finds out Sanjay has told everyone in the company that Mr. Palmer is incapacitated so he would take his place. Eldritch explains Bob that Sanjay is trying to gain control of Stoneheart and he asks for his help to find where is the cargo taken from the Aurora Cutlass. Bob tells him he’ll have the information by the end of the day. And he keeps his word.

That night Palmer and his men break into a facility where they find the cargo and Sanjay. To my disappointment, the crate didn’t contain an Old World Ancient, but a nuclear bomb which Eldritch takes with him.

After this, Palmer knows Eichhorst is going to pay him a visit. He waits for him and fakes to be still sick and weak, Eichhorst arrives and gives him a speech about how he will drink his blood and snap his neck. Palmer waits patiently for him to finish his speech, then takes a shotgun he has hidden under a blanket and shoots him! Eldritch personal guards join him and Eichhorst escapes. We see him fall down the elevator shaft but I’m not sure he’s really dead.

Fet gos back to his place to warn Eph and Dutch that staying in the city is no longer safe. Eph tells him they may have a chance to defeat the Master with the new weapon they are developing but Fet doesn’t care, it’s just matter of days until the city is overrun with strigois. He tells Epsh he can stay and make his weapon, but asks Dutch to go with him back to the club — can this guy be any cuter? I don’t think so…and she doesn’t deserves him! — but she decides to stay.

Dutch and Eph go on a hunting trip under Central Park, there they catch one of the creepy fellers to work on the signal blocker, which they later test…and it works! They go directly to the club where Setrakian and Fet are to share their successful experiment. Fet is not very happy to have to work with Eph, he still doesn’t trust him. They get into a fight but Setrakian stops them and tells them they are giving the Master exactly what he wants. At that moment Quinlan arrives to inform the Ancients are dead.