The Walking Dead (S07E01) “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

Review: So on last nights episode of “The Walking Dead” we found out who got acquainted with Negan’s bat Lucille. So Spoiler Alert Negan claimed three victims last night. The episode opens not with a reveal of who were the victims of Lucille but instead with the reveal that Rick the fearless leader has been reduced to a crying mess who in his state of shock vows to kill Negan for the murders he’s just committed. 

Angered Negan grabs Rick and throws him into the RV to determine whether or not anyone else has to die, Rick included. The duo heads  to a zombie horde that serves to set Rick up in a series of foggy flashbacks  to the events of the night and also to tease the audience just a little longer about who might’ve died. Negan throws Rick’s ax into the horde and orders Rick to “Go Get My Ax” , as he rushes into the crowd of walkers to retrieve the ax, flashes of each of the potential victims crosses the screen. 

As Rick maneuvers his way through the walkers he finds himself overrun and climbs atop the RV. Lying down to take a breather from the near impossible task Negan has set him on, we get The Big Reveal. Finally, we see the reason we’re all here: the identity of Negan’s victims. 

First up to bat was none other than Abraham, who honestly was already getting on my nerves and seemed like a likely choice to strike out. Though he took his bludgeoning like a champ it was a truly gruesome sight. Honestly this season’s premiere didn’t so much as toe the line of “inappropriate” but instead choose to ignore it completely  and then went even further. And in one of the most heartbreaking scenes to date Glenn became victim number two. Why?

Blame Darryl, in a move that can only be described as stupid Darryl attempted to accost Negan while surround by his army. Glenn’s eyes focus solely on Maggie as he tells her he will find her, and its heartbreaking and extremely gross because he is bloody and his eye is literally bulging out of it’s socket. So strike number two, Glenn is out and Maggie officially has the  saddest story line in all of “The Walking Dead” universe. 

Now who is the third victim you ask. Well its none other than Rick himself, and though physically Negan didn’t leave him broken like the others he knew he needed to break Rick mentally. Rick has always found enjoyment in being his misfit families leader, and the Ricktatorship is…well was a real thing. Negan saw this and in another wonderfully psychotic move orders Rick to chop off his own sons arm because he could still see the fight in Rick.  The ploy works and Rick has fallen to subjugation.  The “Saviors” take Darryl as  hostage to use as bait if Rick ever tries to rebel and Negan sends the rest back to Alexandria, where they should be ready for him to return, expecting payment.

Once they depart the show pauses to seethe effects the deaths might have on the others. Maggie blames herself for Glenn while Sasha and Rosita mourn Abraham. Maggie then chooses to leave the group and Alexandria and head for the Hilltop.  Rick imagines a “Sunday dinner” Negan said he’d never get to see with his makeshift family, complete Glenn bouncing an adorable baby. Cue waterworks.

 “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” every moment of the  graphic episode left you feeling trapped in a viscous cycle of helplessness where Abraham and Glenn met their ends. Season 7 has potential to be the most surprising and intriguing season to date.  Plus, Carol is going to come back and TWD is always a bit brighter with Carol involved.