Timeless (S01E04) “Party at Castle Varlar”

If last week’s episode was fun, this one had to be a blast.

Just as they found Flynn’s location, Wyatt and team go after him but with no success as Flynn and his gang went back with the nuclear as they head to Germany on Dec. 7th 1944. There they thought that Flynn was gonna give the nuc to the Nazis but that wasn’t even close.

Flynn was going to sabotage and get Wernher von Braun to the Russians instead of going to the United States (which helped with the space race during the Cold War).

The most interesting and entertaining aspect of this episode was that Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt meets with the famous British spy, Ian Fleming (the original James Bond). There were moments of jealous coming from Wyatt when Ian was using his charms on Lucy.

And yes there were Bond ponds too like the priest hole, they’d escaping from the castle and out of an underground tunnel (Skyfall), or the when they parted ways and Lucy says to him that they’ll never see each other again. He replied, “Never Say Never” and Wyatt adds “Again.”

Not to forget that Flynn didn’t use the nuc at all, but it was used for one purpose….the time machine. Let me please use this quote “wait, are you telling me that this sucker is nuclear?!” Holy crap!! With that nuc as it’s own battery it doesn’t have to charge each time they travel in time.

This had to be the most action and fun episode yet. The Bond ponds were amazing. Loved the Wyatt and Lucy moment in this episode, as she’s struggling on why she’s doing this for what reason until she sees it as it to get her sister back.

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