Chicago Fire (S05E03): “Scorched Earth”

“Scorched Earth” packed the most punch from characters. Everyone seemed to gain confidence and stronger sense of what they wanted in this episode. And then they got it.

The writer’s provide a plethora of emotions – everything from terrifying fear of loosing your child to mystery in finding Chris to happiness when Casey fights for his family.

There were many different cases in this episode, but none with much seriousness. The focus was definitely on the characters rather than the plot. I appreciated this. It is nice to get a break from massive explosions and lots of action to enjoy who these characters have become.

With 100 episode’s filmed, Chicago Fire is confirming its spot on NBC. This series has found a successful storytelling style and character’s whose stories we can’t get enough of.

I look forward to seeing how new relationships from, what becomes on the secret book, and the assurance of Louie’s placement in his new family.