Lucifer (S02E05) “Weaponizer” Review

Last we left Detective Dekker she was in a car accident. We see the events play out that led up to the crash. Turns out to be Uriel who’s an angel that likes to study patterns in order to “domino effect” events into his favor. Chloe is fine but Lucifer is on edge. Uriel confronts Lucifer warning him that if he didn’t return dear old Mom to Hell then he would take back their Father’s side of the deal and kill the Detective. As a result Lucifer refuses to leave Chloe’s side until the threat has passed as they investigate the murder of Lucifer and surprisingly Dan’s favorite action hero Body Bag. Well they finally found common ground. Lucifer told Amenadiel what happened and Amenadiel goes to see how Mom is doing at her job. Apparently she’s struggling with work as well. When she offers herself to be taken back to hell if that would make things easier for him Amenadiel says no. Feels more like he’s saying no because his mojo has dampened.

But then Lucifer pets Amenadiel’s pride into getting him to confront Uriel. However that back fires. Uriel calls Amenadiel’s bluffs and kicks his ass. At Lucifer’s penthouse when he thinks all is well with Uriel sent packing he finds Maze tending to Amenadiel’s wounds. Finally Lucifer learns the truth that his brother isn’t as powerful as he used to be which angers Lucifer more than makes him sympathetic. Maze decides enough is enough and partly I think so she doesn’t lose her room mate she goes in search of Mom who’s having disciplinary issues with her human carcass’s offspring. Chloe discovers that their victim had a public rivalry with his co-star Weaponizer but turns out they were really friends. Yeah Weaponizer took his girl but they were still cool. They even hid it from the wife. As it happens Lucifer had paid Weaponizer’s very expensive bail after they found his finger prints on the murder weapon (an action emmy shaped like nun chucks) who after a domino effect started by Uriel he catches his wife with his business manager. Angry he goes for his shot gun. Luckily Chloe and Lucifer make it in time to stop him after they discover that the business manager and wife were having an affair and killed Body Bag so they could keep the money from the merchandizing for themselves. Chloe manages to talk Weaponizer down.

Lucifer goes home to find Maze and his Mother telling him to fulfill his deal with God and take Mom back to Hell but Lucifer refused. He still thought he could have things his way crying that no one can act on what God wants because he never tells it straight exactly what he wants. Lucifer confronts Uriel in an abandoned church where Uriel reveals his plan to eliminate Mom once and for all just in case Dad decided to forgive Mom then let her back into Heaven where she would destroy him. He shows Lucifer Azrael’s sword which would obliterate Mom. Maze joined in the struggle but still couldn’t beat him. However she did manage to get the sword away from Uriel. Lucifer doing an unpredictable thing decided to literally stab his little brother in the back. But Lucifer is devastated walking back home in tears, crying on Mom’s shoulder.

Giving this episode an A+! I still don’t trust Mom. I do believe she’s bad news but now I’m wondering if more angels will decide to drop down to Earth to try and drag her back to Hell. Lucifer seems dead set on keeping his Mother around either in hopes of getting past their issues or to just torture her or even both but at some point he’s going to have to choose between Chloe and Mom as Chloe is the whole reason Lucifer made his deal with God in the first place. The Devil breaking a deal with God and now maybe God wants to renege on side of the bargain? Bet Lucifer didn’t see that coming.