Shameless (S07E04) “I am a storm”

Fiona setting herself on a gradual path to her dreams seems to be the main plotline in Shameless this season. It is evident that she has grown apart from her best friends Kev and V and seems to be slowly growing apart from her family too. After a small quarrel with Lip, Fiona hastly ran up to her room, got some clothes and essentials wrapped up in a sheet, and lefted the Gallagher home to go sleep at Patsy’s. 

Lip doesn’t seem to think Fiona can even get close to the amount of money he is capable of making. Well, he might be true. He went swiftly from a junior intern to a senior intern at his shady comany, and recently made discoveries of how the tech company boys makes an insane amount of money. I hope he get rich off this too somehow.

Lip is too busy to fix your problems Debbie. But seriously, Svetlana’s telling Debbie to get a man to help her was the best advice you could give a 16-year old mom in Debbie’s situation. But Debbie seems to be going about this all wrong, putting up flyers advertising yourself!? That’s how you get the psycho’s out. This needs to happen a little more naturally. And if I remember season 6 correctly, Frank has helped you in situations like this before. 

New love interest for Ian, and he’s a transgender. I wonder if this will spark up and online displeasures from fans? Also Frank is being Frank, and Carl might be going to Military school.

Emmy Rossum made her directing debut on this episode of Shameless and she did quite a good job. Also Shameless seems to be reviving old soundtracks and also adding new ones. The soundtrack this past episode was just fantastic.

Score: 6.5 out of 10