Aftermath (S01E05) “A Clatter and a Chatter”



Just because the world is coming to an end, doesn’t mean that life completely stops for everyone. Mixed in with the supernatural there are also human and everyday mundane experiences. Sure, there is a scary hybrid of Skinwalkers who are possessing the already frightening Feverheads, but let’s figure out how to awkwardly flirt and try to sort out emotions. Or have a father/daughter chat on how to feel about killing someone. Just another day in the life for the Copeland’s.

The family is finally together. Although a man eating plant almost took Dana out of the equation earlier on in the episode. Which we learn from Joshua’s vast knowledge of ancient cultures is a Jubokko. (A Japanese myth of an invasive plant species that eats people.). That’s just what they needed, another thing that is out to harm and devour them. There seems to be no safe places anymore, until an old friend of Karen’s invites them into their “end of the world” base. 

As they are trying to hold on to their sanity, you can see one by one as they begin to unravel. Karen keeps hearing high pitched shrieks, they are deafening and terrifying. We later get to see the being who has been tormenting her, it’s a Banshee. And if you know anything about Banshee’s you know the presence of them isn’t a good thing. Someone is going to die. And in this show, it could be anyone. No one is safe and nothing is off limits. 

There are a lot of real, raw emotions going on in this episode. Being behind the “safe” walls of the base seems to bring everything out onto the surface. All the things that have been building can finally be released, in one way or another. It’s great that elements like that are not lost in this show. It makes you relate with the characters, and connect with them deeper. These people have had their lives thrown into a chaotic mess, but they are still just people trying to survive. 

“You’re not giving up, neither am I.” These simple words, uttered by Booner (played by Wayne Brady) sums up the episode perfectly. As long as they are living, they will do whatever it takes to get through this nightmare.

There is no rest for the wicked, and the balance that seems to have been restored or at the very least rejuvenated is quickly dashed by the small army of possessed Feverheads heading their way. Earlier on in the episode they made a decision to let an infected Feverhead (one of their comrades) into the base. You knew the moment that happened, something bad would come from it. Not only were their enemies outside, but within the base as well. 

In a rain of explosions (land mines), the enemy on the outside was quickly taken care of. For once it seemed like they had the upper hand, and could actually make some sort of impact on these entities. And as the demons fill the sky, it fills you with dread, that they are just going to keep coming until every last human is destroyed. They are intelligent, and seem to know what they are doing and who they want to kill. Unfortunately someone does die within the family. The banshee’s warning came true, they never should of permitted the Feverhead into the compound. 

Karen clings onto the fallen as the rest of the family assures her “We are all here.” And that is what this show is about. Together as a family they can get through anything. This will not destroy them, it will only make them stronger. 


Rating: 8/10