Bull: (S01E05) “Just tell the truth!”

Bull gets punched…by the father of his client’s fiancé. It all begins when Richard (the client) has an argument with Leila, his fiancé. She is found shortly thereafter, dead in an alley. Although Richard confessed, Leila’s parents want to insure Richard gets penalized to the max, so they offer the Trial Scientist a job.

 However, during a meeting with the parents, Bull has a revelation and believes Richard is innocent; confessing only because he just wanted the 11 hour, non stop interrogation to stop!   He returns the very large retainer and decides to work with Richard, retracting his confession and proving his innocence.  He is also determined to find the real killer.

 One high light of many in this episode, was to show the jury that there are indeed times; we’ll say things that are not true just so we can get away, be rescued or escape.  Unbeknownst to the jurors, this takes place in an elevator that suddenly stops, in a break down arranged by the team. The members were willing to say and do anything to get out and they did!  Bordering on jury tampering and/or kidnapping, the “play” was well done.  The ploy worked and the few remaining in doubt, were swayed.

As Bull promised the family, the real killer is found due to a process of elimination and obvious clues. The Evertons, Leila’s parents, pay Bull his full salary in gratitude.

Bull is a slow, methodical series.  It is not action packed and is truly for the thinker and one who can appreciate a master of manipulation.  And today, this worked for me.