Channel Zero: Candle Cove: (S01E03) “Want to see something Cool?”

We’re at the halfway point in the series, and it seems it’s just getting ramped up. This episode, “Want to see something cool?” was so intense, yet delivered so much information, with minimal dialog. The story keeps getting better, as the layers are peeled back. Let’s look further into our onion, shall we?

This episode is, as acting goes, the quite before the storm. The story telling not so much. This is a rich, deep episode. You get a lot of information. The more you watch it, the more you catch. I cannot stress how great the writing is. Nick Antosca has picked one director for the whole series..which is brilliant. Paul Schneider is so very understated in his performance of Mike Painter. Did he kill Eddie to stop him, or was it Mike who should have been stopped? With only three episodes left, I’m sure we’ll get our answers, though they may not be what we think.

Last week left us with Mike’s confession of killing his own brother, Eddie, and being taken away in handcuffs by Gary.  But, Gary didn’t take him to the station. Instead, he took him to the old Iverson place. Once there, sitting, still cuffed in a chair, two more people arrive. Daphne and Tim, whom Gary had called. They seem to think that Mike has something to do with all that’s going on. When Mike left Iron Hill 28 years ago, all the disappearances and killings stopped. Now that he’s back, they seem to think Mike’s at the center of things. Mike is very calm and quite, ready to talk. Daphne show him pictures of the kids who died in 1988: her cousin, Sadie Williams, Jacob Booth, Mrs. Booth’s only son, Carl Cutter, and Gene, Tim’s brother. Carl and Gene were two of the kids who bullied Eddie and Mike. Gary sits back, just wanting to talk, but Tim wants answers and he feels that the gun he brought will get them. 

In a flash back, we see Eddie confronting Gene. Eddie asks if he wants to see something cool, the crows nest. Gene shrugs it off, but Eddie says there’s good stuff there. So Gene follows them to the cliff. Eddie asks if Gene watches Candle Cove, of course not Gene doesn’t watch that “baby show.” As Gene turns his back on Eddie, Eddie reminds him “You can’t lie to the Skin-Taker.” That seems to hypnotize Gene, as he starts giggling, yet does whatever Eddie says. There’s a toll that must be paid. Eddie holds out his hand as Gene pulls several of his teeth out, placing the in Eddie’s palm. Eddie tells Gene to go to the cliff, all the while Mike is trying to stop Eddie. He tells Gene to step off. Gene does and is one of the first kids dead. When Mike asks Eddie how he did that, Eddie looks at him and says, “It’s Candle Cove. It got into his head.”

Meanwhile, Mike’s Mom and Jessica are having a heart to heart. It seems that Jessica was ready to choose Mike over Gary, but when the emails stopped, she moved on. Think back to the dinner scene in the first episode. There seemed to be unspoken secrets…now we know what they were. The Deputy stops by, looking for Gary. They haven’t seen him since he took Mike away, but Jessica thinks she know where they went. Meanwhile, at the Iverson place, things have gone boocoo dinky dau in a BIG way. 

While Mike tries to explain it’s not him, it’s Candle Cove, Tim, struggling with Gary, shoots Mike, hitting him in the arm. As they hear cars coming, Tim tries to keep Mike quite and reach a box cutter, intent on killing him. Daphne, grabs the box cutter, ready, but very unsure what to do. As the Deputy, Jessica, and Mike’s Mom come in, Daphne drops the box cutter and runs. Gary is released of his sheriffing duties, and Mike goes to the hospital. While there, the Deputy tries to get information as to what Mike told Gary about Eddie. Mom speaks up, no, Mike didn’t say anything. She will protect Mike. As Mom falls asleep, she has a dream. The Tooth Child comes for Mike, putting two of his fingers in it’s mouth…biting or suckling is not clear. She wakes up in a cold sweat, and checks on Mike. Daphne runs to her old teacher, Mrs. Booth, telling her what happened at the Iverson place. Mrs. Booth advises her to turn herself in, and oh by the way, let me get you a strong drink. As Daphne sobs at the table we see Mrs. Booth, trance-like in the background. She comes behind Daphne and slits her throat. As the life bleeds out of Daphne, Mrs. Booth issues a warning: “You don’t fuck with Mike Painter.”

Meanwhile, in Westchester, New York, Lilly, Mikes daughter seems to sleep walk….somewhere. As Mike gets his Mother a glass of water, he sees a child standing across the road…he recognizes her and runs out. It seems Lilly, Mike’s daughter, has made her way from Westchester to Iron Hill. As the episode closes, we are left with the image of the Tooth Child look out the upper window of Mike’s house.