Designated Survivor (S01E03) “The Confession”

As the third episode begins we see Congressman MacLeish being rescued from the ruble that is the Capital. This bring some sort of happiness to everyone, if only for a short time. 

As Tom calls for a meeting to review what needs to fixed with the government the White House power goes out. Everyone assumes it’s another attack and they find out that they have been hacked. Some think it’s a continuation of the attacks that happened at the Capital. Not wanting to scare the country more they choose to keep the recent attack quiet.

The FBI team that is searching for more survivors Hannah want to go talk to the only one they have found, the Congressman. But Jason her boss is not having it. He doesn’t see him as being a good witness to what happened. 

As the White House investigators look into the hacking they find that nothing was taken but a video was left. It was from Terrorist Majid Nassar taking responsibility for the attacks. With this knowledge the general wants to attack but Tom is hesitant still. After this Jason finally lets Tom and everyone in on Hannah’s theories that these are just a diversion. Even if Jason doesn’t believe these theories he does believe in Hannah. 

Later we see Hannah go visit the Congressman but he doesn’t know much about what happened. All he know is he witnessed the president speaking and then everything went dark. 

Back at the White House we see Tom having some time with the former president’s son Tyler. They talk before it’s time for his father’s funeral. He seems stunned by everything that has happened with his whole world being turned upside down. 

Later as Alex and Penny are unpacking she finds Leo’s stash and money from dealing drugs and confronts him. Leo admits he has been selling ecstasy to kids. 

During all this madness Tom has to do an interview but gets ambushed with questions about Michigan and the riots at the Capital. He gets the sense that she doesn’t think he is qualified for being president seeing as he was fired the morning of the attack. 

Later we see Hannah watching footage of the State of the union and noticed that the video cutout at 34 seconds before the explosion. She also sees there was a woman who took photos before the explosion on her phone and demands to see it.

Tom and his family attend the former president’s funeral where he is supposed to give he eulogy but was asked to not do it by Tyler the former president’s son. He asked the congresswoman Hookstraten to do it instead. After her eulogy the terrorist video was released to the public. Everyone blames the congresswoman for the leak because she wants to run for presidency. But she promises Tom that she is behind him and supporting him. 

Later Jason sits down with Hannah to go over the confirmed dead list and she notices a name on the list of someone she has been looking for. When she’s alone in her car crying she receives a phone call telling her to take another look at the State of The Union footage. When she takes another look later she notices the Congressman MacLeish was not present during the explosion. 

When Tom gets back to the White House he confront Aaron on leaking the video. He tells Tom he did that to help him in the election. Even though that’s not how Tom would do things he still decided on making Aaron his Chief of staff. Even though he didn’t give the job to Emily he still made her a special advisor. He later calls Aaron and demand that he finds out who was behind the attack. As he hangs up Aaron gets a file on Tom from a mysterious woman. What’s in the file could end up hurting Tom or helping him.