NCIS New Orleans: (S03E05) “Course Correction”

The pilot is dead, somebody shot him and the plane goes down, killing 6 people. Petty Officer Amir Saad, is one of the six killed. He is also believed to be the shooter, (although later he is found to be the goat) that caused the confusion that brings down the plane.

Yet the Cartel is in the house or appears to be. The flight is en route from South America and it is believed that the quest to retrieve a valuable cargo was the reason behind the accident.  Besides finding the cargo; the team must prove that Saad is a hero who tried to stop a take over and attempted to bring the plane down safely. All of this is accomplished of course, in spite of the media’s aggravated assault against Saad, which impacts his family mercilessly.

The investigation reveals, The Cartel and the CIA are after the same cargo, which is a person! Footage from a clip Saad was making for his daughter, during the flight, reveals a 7th person.  An accountant and employee of Cuidad Natal was “Coming to America” for sanction and to tell all.

At one point, I could not tell the bad guys from the good guys, (CIA) for their operative was just as shady as the guys in the black hats.

On the other hand, Gregorio seems to be softening to the team and this is observed and mentioned by Isler (her boss) at the crash site. Percy also says something about “keeping Gregorio and the need to have another female around” Yet the best line in this episode comes from the agent herself, “I’ll admit it’s time for me to go home, you know?” At the time, I said, “Bye Felicia” yet I’m willing to wait another week and see…